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Restyling existing and new Volvo models 2020

Total electrification of all models that, by a strange coincidence, have not yet undergone this process, bringing sales to 800 thousand copies - these are two reasons, according to Volvo management, that do not allow them to expand the model range. The company's statistics in recent years confirms that it is possible to cover up to 98% of the market with the available offers.

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New Year 2020 in Thailand

Thailand in January 2020 will turn into a tourist mecca, because hundreds of thousands of vacationers will come to the islands and cities. Such an influx is associated with the high season and two New Year celebrations at once - according to the European and Chinese calendar. There is a third, Thai New Year - Songkran. Its locals traditionally meet from April 13 to 15.

2020 Anniversary Writers

2020 Rich on important dates. Many writers will be anniversaries this year. According to the statistics of the Public Opinion Foundation, Russians occupy the third position in the list of the most readable nations, so they will be interested to know which of their favorite writers has a significant date in 2020. January 02/01/1920 (100) Isaac Asimov.

Gifts for the family for the New Year 2020

Gifts to the family for the New Year 2020 will cause a maximum of positive emotions, if you seriously approach their choice. Presents bought in a hurry in the last days before the holiday, as a rule, bring neither joy nor benefit, so you need to make a list in advance. Let's look at gift ideas for each family member.

Deflator index for 2018-2020

Many macroeconomic indicators are closely monitored not only by experts in their industry, but also by ordinary citizens. These indicators reflect the development of the Russian economy and living standards in general. Consider one of the main indicators that determine the effectiveness of the economic policy of the state, as well as the degree of dependence of the Russian economy on external factors.

Yom Kippur in 2020

Celebrating religious holidays for every nation is a responsible and important part of life. For Jews, there are holidays, and one of the most valuable for this people is Yom Kippur or Judgment Day. The Jews honor and cherish their traditions, annually celebrate their favorite holidays and remember their meaning and history.

Epiphany frosts in 2020

According to popular beliefs, Epiphany frosts always begin on the feast of Baptism. Since this church holiday falls at the end of January, the most severe and severe frosts are most often set at this time. Epiphany frosts in 2020 will have to come, about January 18-19, sometimes they come earlier, sometimes a little later, but their names do not change.

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How to decorate an office for the New Year 2020

December is traditionally the most eventful month. In the maelstrom of annual reports, fatigue and mood decline are especially pronounced. There is a way out of this situation - to create a pleasant festive atmosphere and to decorate the office and the entire office by the New Year 2020. By devoting several hours to this business, you will delight all colleagues with the transformation of the premises where you have to spend most of the day.

Pension indexation in 2019-2020 in Russia

When a person reaches a certain age, he becomes a pensioner, and can rely on monthly cash benefits, called pensions. However, the size, procedure for receiving and indexing these payments for all categories of citizens of the Russian Federation is different, and in 2019-2020, it will be made according to the amended rules.

Open South - 2019-2020 Program

Open South is a socially oriented program. Every year, it gives residents of Russia the opportunity to spend the winter and off-season in Sochi. In 2019-2020, resorts and pensions of the popular resort await guests from October 15 to May 31. Benefits of the program The Open South 2019-2020 program is available to everyone who wants to - any resident of Russia can take advantage of it.

Literary calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year

The literary calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year is full of various memorable dates. To a greater extent, they relate to the life path of famous authors who created unique masterpieces of literature. It makes it easy to navigate the most important events in the world of playwrights and poets. With it, you can create your own plan for an open lesson or extracurricular event.

Mother's Day 2020

When the baby is born, the first person who presses it to the chest, becomes the mother. And the very first word that flies from children's lips is "Mom." And there is nobody in the world closer and dearer than mom. It is she who does not sleep at night, getting up to the crib to reassure the baby. No one can give as much tenderness as a mother gives to her children.

New Chevrolet 2020 models

One of GM's flagship car brands is going to continue and in 2020 to please fans of its work with excellent models in terms of quality and characteristics. We are waiting for even more striking fully or partially electrified innovations, the expansion of the model range in many of the produced classes, as well as several sensational discoveries, which our editors will hasten to share with their readers today.

Prediction of St. Paisius the Holy Mountaineer for 2020

There is an undeniable connection between the complication of human life, the multiplication of grief in society and interest in the prophets and their prophecies. This is not surprising, people are subconsciously looking for at least some order and certainty in the ongoing chaos, confirmation that everything is developing according to a previously known plan.

New Year 2020 in Samara

The new year 2020 in Samara will bring a sea of ​​positive emotions and vivid memories. The city in the Middle Volga region is developing rapidly, and its population has recently exceeded 1 million people. In the former Kuibyshev, a tourist infrastructure was created in a short time, architectural monuments were reconstructed, dozens of comfortable hotels were erected.

RUDN University: tuition fees in 2019-2020

RUDN University is one of the largest internationally-oriented multidisciplinary universities in the country. The cost of education in the 2019-2020 academic year, as before, will depend on the chosen specialty, the form of training and the level of diploma received - undergraduate, specialty, master's or postgraduate studies.

Horoscope for 2020 for the Roosters

2020 will pass under the influence of the White Metal Rat. This is an ambitious and purposeful sign that appreciates the desire to realize oneself, hard work and honesty with others. This year, courageous and benevolent Roosters need to show enterprise and moderate capriciousness in order to achieve their goals.

Earth Day 2020

In 2020, Earth Day will traditionally be timed to coincide with environmental problems, and the ongoing activities will be aimed at saving nature across the planet. Today, the holiday is held on a large scale in almost all countries. According to unofficial data, more than 200 million people are taking part in it. When People who want to participate in public events aimed at improving the environmental situation will be celebrated, they are interested in what date Earth Day will be in 2020.

The new supersonic passenger aircraft will be presented in 2020

The Russian supersonic airliner should be built in the next 2-3 years, TsAGI said back in 2018, in response to the president’s proposal to start developing this technology. The basis should be the ideas of modern domestic strategic bombers of a similar class, as well as what was already implemented in the Tu-144 several decades ago.