The composition of CSKA in 2019-2020 on football

CSKA is a football team in Moscow, which was founded in August 1911. Known for her titles and awards, including the UEFA Cup, so the interest in team players in future games is not surprising. In this article we will highlight the details of the composition of CSKA football 2019/2020.

Club transfers

According to official data, at the moment the bulk of the team is formed. The possibility of minor changes in the composition is not ruled out.

This year the club left:

  1. Defenders: Rodrigo Bekao (new club: Bahia) and Nikita Chernov (transferred to Wings of the Soviets).
  2. Midfielder Sergei Tkachev (went to the Tula Arsenal).
  3. Forwards Abel Hernandez (new club Al-Ahly), Konstantin Bazelyuk (transferred to Mordovia).

Only 5 players left the team for various reasons, but not without replenishment. This year the team included:

  1. Defenders: Igor Diveev (transferred from Ufa), Zvonimir Charliya (for rent from the Croatian club Slaven Belupo).
  2. Midfielders: Nikola Vlašić (the former Everton club), Astemir Gordyushenko (the previous team was Tyumen) and Alexander Makarov (from the Vanguard club).

Team composition at the moment

As you can see, the composition of CSKA football in the new season 2019/2020 has not changed much compared to last year. The coach of the army since 2016 is Viktor Mikhailovich Goncharenko. With him, in 2017, the team reached the quarter finals of the Europa League, which is the best result of red-blue in recent years.

Despite the recent resignation, the captain of the team remains goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. The rewards of the 35th issue cannot be counted. He is the champion of Russia (6), the holder of the Russian Cup (6) and the Russian Super Cup (7), as well as the UEFA Cup and others.


CSKA 2020 includes 3 goalkeepers. Number one is the young goalkeeper Ilya Pomazun, who has been playing in the team since 2017. Prior to that, he was a member of the CSKA youth club. At number 35, the already mentioned team captain Igor Akinfeev, and number 22 - George Kirnats.


The defense involved:

  • Mario Fernandez (No. 2) - Russian-Brazilian defender, has been playing for CSKA since 2012;
  • Victor Vasin (No. 5) - in 2011 he joined the team. In 2012, he became the owner of the Russian Cup, and in 2015/2016 he received the title of Champion of Russia;
  • Kirill Nababkin (No. 14) - was on the 3rd place in the list of 33 best players of the championship of Russia, playing for CSKA since 2010;
  • Igor Diveev (No. 78) - a newcomer who immediately got into the starting lineup;
  • Hödur Magnusson (No. 23) - Icelandic footballer, has been playing for the club since 2018;
  • Zvonimir Charliya (No. 31) - in the team from this season, the starting lineup;
  • Georgy Schennikov (No. 42) - a “veteran” of the club, joined the team in 2008, after the CSKA youth team.


CSKA for the 2019/2020 season includes midfielders:

  • Nikola Vlašić (No. 8) - twenty-year-old player, in the club since 2019;
  • Dmitry Efremov (No. 15) - since 2013 he has been CSKA midfielder;
  • Arnor Sigurdsson (No. 17) - 20-year-old footballer from Iceland, playing for the club since 2018;
  • Konstantin Kuchaev (No. 20) - hit the team in 2017;
  • Nayair Tiknizyan (No. 71);
  • Maradishvili Konstantin (No. 87);
  • Kristiyan Bistrovich (No. 25) - footballer from Croatia, since 2018 playing for the club;
  • Yaka Bijol (No. 25) - holder of the title "Slovenia's best young football player in 2018", then he joined the team;
  • Ilzat Akhmetov (No. 77) - member of the club since last year;
  • Ivan Oblyakov (No. 98) - in 2018 he got to CSKA after Ufa.


There are five hitters in the team this season. Their names:

  • Fedor Chalov (No. 9) - got into the list of 33 best players of the Russian championship twice (1st place 2018/19 and 3rd in 2017/18);
  • Takuma Nishimura (No. 19) - Japanese player;
  • Lassana N'Difye (No. 18) - Malian football player.

According to the old tradition, No. 12 belongs to the fans of the club.

No. 16 will not go to any of the new players, as he is forever assigned to goalkeeper Sergei Perkhun, who died due to an injury on the field at the age of 23 years.

After major changes in the past 2018, the current few strangers. It is interesting that newcomers are allowed to show themselves right away, putting them not in replacement, but in the starting formation. We hope that the new roster of CSKA 2019/2020 will show its worth this season and all fans will be satisfied.

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