UAZ Prado in 2020

Vadim Shevtsov confirmed that in 2020 the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant plans to release a new UAZ, which in technical specifications will not be inferior to the legendary SUV Prado. We offer to know more about when we see the first photos of a domestic SUV class news, when the model will go into series and appear in Russian car dealerships, as well as what the price of a car may be, taking into account the manufacturer’s high standard of equipment and functionality.

New platform

Wailing about the fact that the new UAZ in 2020 will be the domestic analogue of the famous Prado SUV, Vadim Shevtsov makes it clear that the novelty will be constructed on a completely new frame platform, which allows cars to be manufactured in 4 body styles: SUV, monocab, pickup truck and van.

In recent years, UAZ has been carrying out only two parallel developments of the new SUVs:

  1. UAZ Patriot 2020 - a project involving a deep modernization of the well-known model;
  2. UAZ-3170 - A completely new mid-size crossover, about which there is practically no information, since the work is progressing extremely slowly due to the financial difficulties of the company.

Most likely, speaking of the new product of the coming year, Shevtsov means the UAZ Patriot 2020 project, because the new car will have a unified platform with a reliable spar frame, which should unite it with other representatives of the family of new domestic SUVs. According to the top manager of Sollers, in the lineup, in addition to the SUV, there will definitely be LCVs and a pickup.


Outwardly, the new UAZ in 2020 will receive a significant change in size and style as a whole, and, according to the designers, will get more similarities with the Prado than with the previous version of the Patriot. Specialists of the Style Center of FSUE NAMI worked on the development of the design concept, and proposed a technical modernization project at SPbPU.

Although the photos presented on the network are just guesses about how the new UAZ Prado will look in 2020, it is reliably known what changes the designers planned. Most likely it will be:

  • a new radiator grill, which should make the car more safe (than the old UAZ could not boast);
  • completely different head optics;
  • new bumpers that will give the car a more aggressive look;
  • changes will be received by the tailgate, from which the spare tire will be removed (taking into account the complaints of the current owners of the Patriot).

It is worth noting that the rear door modernization issues were considered long before the launch of the UAZ Prado 2020 project. During operation, the door design quickly carried out under the weight of the reserve, which led to a number of obvious problems. We have not yet told where exactly the 5th wheel will move, but there are two options - either in the trunk (the volume of usable space will decrease) or under the bottom (the clearance will decrease).

You should not count on a radical change in the extrusion of body panels, because the company is going through hard times, and each new mold for the production of front body elements can cost from $ 1 million. As for the tailgate, it is known that the mold for its production has already exhausted its resource and in any case it must be replaced in the near future.

The very idea of ​​creating an UAZ car close to the Prado is not new. In 2000, a prototype of the experimental 3162T with plug-in all-wheel drive was presented at the Moscow Motor Show. As well as the 5VZ-FE powertrain and transmission, which were borrowed from the Land Cruiser Prado J90.


The salon of the new UAZ Prado is a mystery and, most likely, the manufacturer will not rush with its presentation, possibly extending the intrigue for 2020, until the official premiere of the new item.

Since the primary task set for the designers was to increase the level of safety, it can be assumed that the most modern passive and active systems will appear in the cabin.

Experts believe that new UAZ will be launched on the market in several upholstery options (depending on the vehicle equipment). The color scheme will definitely include classic shades, although it is possible that the domestic SUV will please with two-tone performance or bright accents in the form of a contrasting line or inserts.


The main novelty that interested everyone, even more than the photo of the advertised UAZ 2020 model year with the Prado exterior, was the new power unit announced by Shevtsov. They plan to equip the SUV with ZMZ engines, in the development of which the engineers of the German company FEV took part. In the motor range will be presented:

  • classic 4-cylinder aspirated with a volume of 2.5 liters and a power of 145 hp for a budget configuration;
  • turbocharged 2.3-liter version of 170 hp for lovers of active driving;
  • Bitfuel models (gasoline + gas).

True, it remains a secret what type of gas equipment they plan to install on the new UAZ Prado and whether dual-fuel models will appear during 2020. But it is reliably known that all power units will comply with the Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards.

The appearance of a diesel engine is not excluded. Experts are considering such options:

  • Ford TDCi 2.2 L from Ford Transit;
  • Cummins ISF 2.8 L;
  • BAIC Yuchai YC4Y 2.2 L;
  • Isuzu 2.8 L 4GB1;
  • Mahindra mHawk EV 2.2 L;

Issue price

The budget of the UAZ-2020 project, which is not even on the photo yet, is 482.9 million rubles, which means that the development of the Russian Prado and the organization of the start of production should fit in 7.4 million dollars, which is very little considering the planned changes.

Of this amount, 33% is financed by the state targeted subsidy (60 million rubles in 2017, 50 million rubles in 2018 and 50 million rubles in 2019), and UAZ should take 67% from its own funds. The state’s interest is obvious, because on the basis of the new UAZ 2020, domestic military analogues of the Prado may appear, which will replace the outdated Loafs and 469th models in the ranks.

According to the contract signed by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, engineering work should be completed by 11/30/19, and in 2020 a minimum of 1,750 units of the new model should be released. Otherwise, the Accounts Chamber may demand reimbursement of the amounts invested in the project by the state.

In anticipation of the UAZ Prado 2020, we offer to watch the video news:

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