Ethereum Forecast for 2020

The most famous altcoin Etherium attracts the attention of people from all over the planet: the rate of this cryptocurrency has grown more than 40 times since 2017. At the same time, critical currency fluctuations were observed in ETH over the past year: this is why it is so important for investors to know the most accurate forecast for the Ethereum rate for 2020.

Current situation

2018 has become a landmark for the entire cryptocurrency market: the total market capitalization of “alternative” money has grown by almost 8 times: from 18 billion USD in January 2018 to 140 billion USD at the end of 2018. Bitcoin can be considered the leading token which occupies more than 50% of the market, and Ethereum.

Altcoin Ethereum was launched in 2015, i.e. 6 years after Bitcoin. By the end of 2018, Ether was in 2nd place in the ranking of digital currencies in terms of market capitalization, which is estimated as of January 4, 2019 at 15 565 091 216 USD.

For comparison: this indicator for BTC is $ 65,235,592,062. The weighted average rate of Ethereum at the beginning of 2019 is $ 149.39, or 10,170 rubles, and the cost of a BTC unit was set at $ 3,742.8 or 254,810 rubles.

Growth background

How much Ethereum will cost in 2020 is a rather complicated question, since this virtual coin has high volatility. The following factors directly affect its value:

  • Speculative operations - investors need to constantly keep a finger on the pulse and try to earn by the dumping method, i.e. due to the depreciation - buy up the currency at a low price, and upon reaching the maximum value of the currency - sell the accumulated assets with a margin of 10-15%. It is important to understand that reducing demand is an artificial process that speculators provoke: fraudsters spread false information among cryptocurrency holders, provoking them to sell the accumulated tokens at a bargain price. It is recommended to regularly study the factors on which the course of this altcoin depends, and not panic in the event of a sharp fall in the currency.
  • Technology development - increasing the speed of processing smart contracts, attracting large corporations such as NASA - these and many other factors affect the attractiveness of Ethereum and, accordingly, its cost.
  • Economic factors, such as the popularization of virtual coins - the availability of currency on exchanges, the limitation of mining - today processing one transaction reaches 3.4 RX / s with a reward of 3 ETH per block, the number of transactions per day - today ETH processes about 5.9 thousand. per day, which indicates the popularity of altcoin among investors. An important role is played by the size of the commission for each operation - today it is slightly more than 0.17 USD - if this indicator increases, the currency will continue to "fall".

  • Transactional security - the lower the probability of DDoS attacks, the higher investor confidence. So, the incident with the attack of the DAO fund in June 2016 led to a drop in ETH by 40%.
  • Country policies - a lot depends on the legalization of cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world. So, the USA, Japan and Estonia support the development of this direction, and Thailand, Spain and Vietnam are the opponents. It is no secret that the more countries allow the population to use alternative coins, the higher the exchange rate of Etherium.
  • News background.

Forecast for 2020

No. p / pMonthDirection of movement for the results of each monthPrice on the 1st day of each month, USDPrice at the end of the month, USDThe rate of absolute growth (p. 5 - p. 4)Growth rates, relative to the previous month,%
801.08.2020with lowering491483-8-0.02

Note! Predictive calculation from specialists on ETH / USD is approximate, since it depends on many significant factors.

Analyst Opinions

According to well-known analyst Bobby Ullery, in 2020 Etherium's share in the cryptocurrency market will reach 25%, and its capitalization will be about 1 trillion. USD Due to the fact that the token limit for this altcoin is not set, the forecast is based on The official figure from the developer Vitaly Buterin, who "laid" in the investment model the forecast value of the token at the level of 100 million USD, lies. Thus, according to the optimistic figures of Ullery, the price of cryptocurrency can reach 11 thousand USD. Based on this, ETH will have to grow by 770%, which seems phenomenal.

LongForecast experts believe that the ETH exchange rate in 2020 will be $ 724 in January, and for the period January-June 2020, the currency corridor along it will range from $ 474 to 672. Thus, Ethereum will rise in price 3-5 times according to the forecast for 2020.

According to technical analysis by CoinKr, the value of a virtual coin will reach $ 720 in January 2020, and after a period of slow appreciation, it will be $ 1,488 by the end of the year.

The following conclusions can be made on the forecast of Ethereum for 2020:

  • the cost of Etherium will largely depend on the upcoming upgrade - the introduction of new network protocols such as sharding, plasma, etc .;
  • demand for a token will be directly related to the effectiveness of smart contracts as an alternative financial settlement tool;
  • the growth of the altcoin market, in particular, Bitcoin, will lead to a rise in the cost of the token;
  • most professionals predict an increase in Ethereum, but all provide different numbers, depending on the chosen calculation method.

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