New Year 2020 in Abkhazia

New 2020 in Abkhazia will please you with affordable prices, Caucasian hospitality, warm weather. The republic is famous for its resorts (Gagra, Pitsunda, Sukhumi), where in early January thousands of tourists come to relax from the cold and the piercing wind of the Russian winter. Travelers fall in love with the colorful landscapes of the country, enjoy the abundance of local cuisine, speak well of the developed infrastructure of cities, as well as a high level of service.

Climate features

The weather for the New Year 2020 in Abkhazia is characterized by the absence of frost, but you should not count on the heat. During the day, the thermometer column varies between 8-15 ºС, but at night it is quite chilly - from 5 to 10 ºС. However, frost in the republic is a rare occurrence, however, like snow. January is not suitable for swimming in Abkhazia. The water temperature in the Black Sea does not exceed 5-7 ºС, but sometimes this does not stop the brave Russian tourists.

The mountain ranges bordering the territory of the country are reliably protected from winds, the gusts of which even in inclement weather do not exceed 10 m / s. In general, the region’s climate is considered mild in winter, but due to the proximity of the sea, the humidity level remains high (80-90%). When purchasing a tour to Abkhazia for the New Year 2020, do not forget to take a warm sweater and shoes, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Celebration Options

During the Christmas holidays, the "land of the soul" offers tourists a huge amount of entertainment: Among them:

  • visiting historical places;
  • celebrations in entertainment venues ;;
  • Check in to the sanatoriums or pensions of the republic.

Mass festivities on the night of January 1 deserve special attention. They will be held in all major cities, and the main tree will be installed on Freedom Square in the country's capital Sukhumi. Here throughout the Christmas week fairs, concerts, competitions, and other cultural and entertainment events are provided. Abkhazians are a friendly people who know how and love to celebrate, so on the streets of the cities on New Year's Eve will not be bored.

Where to go in the winter?

Holidays in Abkhazia for the New Year 2020 can be diversified by visiting interesting places. There are only four large cities in the country, but each of them has its own charm and uniqueness. We are talking primarily about the following resorts:

  • Gagra
  • Sukhumi;
  • Pitsunda
  • New Athos.

Gagra attract travelers with mountain landscapes, the azure sea, an abundance of historical monuments (for example, Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg). There are also many caves, lakes, waterfalls. Through the Gagra pass all the main roads of the republic, so getting here is not a problem. The prices at the resort are quite loyal: lunch in a cafe - from 300 rubles, hotel accommodation - from 2 000 rubles, boat trip with fishing - 800 rubles.

Older tourists will come to Pitsunda for the New Year 2020, dreaming of enjoying the clean mountain air and improving their health. Here are built some of the best resorts in the Caucasus with healing or thermal springs. In almost every such institution, a New Year's banquet is provided for guests, the cost of which will be from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles. The price of accommodation in boarding houses and sanatoriums in Pitsunda varies between 2.5 - 5 thousand rubles per day.

Sukhumi is the main city of Abkhazia, with more than 60 thousand inhabitants. There is everything for a fun holiday, ranging from gourmet restaurants to a monkey nursery. Among the best entertainment venues in the capital of the country we mention "Sukhumi", "Nartaa", "Erhatsu", "Azykh". The menu of these restaurants always has a barbecue made of fresh meat, adjika, Abkhazian poultry, various types of wines. On New Year's Eve, tables here should be booked in advance, since there will be plenty of people wishing to celebrate the holiday in a cozy setting. The average bill in entertainment establishments of Abkhazia usually does not exceed 3.5-5 thousand rubles.

In New Athos the best natural attractions and architectural monuments are collected. Among them: New Athos cave, Anakopia fortress, local waterfall. The cost of a sightseeing tour will be from 600 rubles, and the listed places will be available for visiting throughout the Christmas week.

Property rental price

Hotel accommodation in Abkhazia varies from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, and finding cheaper options will not be difficult, since January is considered a dead tourist season. The following is a list of popular hotels in the republic with the current price list of accommodation for a day (in rubles):

  • "Alamys" 3 * - from 3,000;
  • "Dioscuria" 3 * - from 3,500;
  • "Anacopia Club" 3 * - from 2 900;
  • "Bereg Evkaliptov" 4 * - from 6,000;
  • "Dionisy Guest House" 4 * - from 5 000.

The private sector and the rental apartment market offer the lowest prices for the New Year 2020 in Abkhazia. You can rent an apartment in the resort area within 1-2 thousand rubles / day. When choosing such apartments, be careful: in the republic, not all houses have central heating and hot water, and it is better to refuse options with a fireplace or stove.

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Abkhazia for the New Year 2020 are not as popular as, for example, in Anapa or Sochi. The resort is mainly visited by those who want to get acquainted with the unique nature of the region, improve their health and take a break from Russian megacities. Despite the dead season, the cost of a trip to Abkhazia is reduced slightly, and a week-long stay in the "land of the soul" will cost 20-25 thousand per person when taking into account departure from Moscow. For this money they will offer you:

  • hotel accommodation 3 * or 4 *;
  • medical insurance;
  • New Year's banquet;
  • excursions.

If you plan to relax on New Year's Eve in Abkhazia on your own, then this will result in a more substantial amount. The main expense item will be a ticket to Adler, which at the end of December from Moscow costs from 4 thousand rubles, accommodation (on average 2-5 thousand rubles / day), meals (up to 1 thousand rubles per day per person).

Thus, the New Year 2020 in Abkhazia will leave a good impression. Here you can truly relax your soul, try the culinary delights of national cuisine, make pleasant acquaintances with friendly people. Tourists, having visited this distinctive corner of the planet, return here again and again in the hope of experiencing indescribable emotions from the Abkhazian color.

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