New Year 2020 in Suzdal

New Year is a celebration of creativity and magic, a time for fulfilling wishes and a time for wonderful stories. Imagine that you have the opportunity to be in the fantastic world of your dreams in reality! And this will happen during the New Year festivities. The unforgettable city of Suzdal will help to open the door of magic, where a fabulous, unexplored and breathtaking atmosphere will reign.

Suzdal is a beautiful city with an interesting history, part of the Golden Ring of Russia. Travelers who love national traditions, real Russian winter and want to plunge into the warm hospitable atmosphere will definitely appreciate the new year in Suzdal 2020. The city is two hundred kilometers from Moscow. It is famous for its sights and architecture.

What sights to visit

Suzdal pleases tourists with a high level of service, promising infrastructure and a huge number of entertainment programs, despite the provincialism. The main attractions of this city are:

  • Suzdal Kremlin.
  • Theotokos-Nativity Cathedral.
  • Monastery of Saint Euthymius.
  • Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life.
  • St. Nicholas Church.
  • Schurovo Settlement.
  • The Wax Museum.
  • Assumption Church.
  • Seating yard.

Particular attention should be paid to the Shchurovo Gorodishche Museum, which has become famous for its wooden structures since the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. You can also add that here was shot the famous movie of P. Lungin “The King”. The museum offers an exciting time: here you can learn how to shoot from a bow, master a sword, and also try to bake bread according to a centuries-old recipe. Gostiny Dvor, where masters show pottery skills, the art of forging, yarn and much more, became famous for their crafts. In this, too, you can take part, and later acquire the thing you like. Currently, the wax museum is popular, which contains a large number of sculptures of actors, actresses and many famous personalities.

Where to celebrate the new year

Among the main ways to spend time in the New Year in Suzdal 2020, it is inexpensive to visit mass festivals, street fairs, museums, bars, restaurants, as well as excursions to significant historical places. In January, the city administration organizes Santa Claus parades, interesting buffoon shows and horse marches. Folk groups present performances of songs and dances. On the streets it is allowed to rent a sled, in which anyone can ride. Many hotels and hotels have been built in Suzdal, including:

  • Azimut
  • Nikolaev Posad.
  • Hotel Falcon.
  • Pavlovsk Compound.
  • Villa Anna.
  • Manor Dobrolyubovo and others.

All hotels, their rooms and services are of high quality standards. You will be cordially welcomed with warmth, hospitality and made so that the time spent in this city is unforgettable. Pleasant prices for reservations will not leave indifferent.

Mental institutions of Suzdal

For those who wish to celebrate the New Year in the open, it is proposed to visit one of the many restaurants or bars. One of the most fashionable and popular places for people are:

  • Hive.
  • Gostiny Dvor.
  • Tavern.
  • Cucumber.
  • Kvass hut.
  • Limpompo.
  • Old Suzdal.
  • Salmon and coffee.
  • Slavic and so on.

The institutions are represented mainly by Russian national cuisine. Visitors will find cabbage soup, dumplings, dumplings, Olivier salad, okroshka, jellied meat, pancakes, sturgeon, pies, pickles on the menu. Various types of vodka, tincture, beer will help you relax and warm yourself. Also, tourists will be able to taste delicious desserts: kalachi, gingerbread, cheesecakes, jam, honey, berries. Due to the large number of travelers at this time of the year, reservations should be made in advance. As a rule, the reservation is paid, but this price includes a small assortment of dishes. In addition, each institution presents its own entertainment events, which can be found in detail on the official websites. On New Year's holidays, prices are affordable and delight with their democratic nature. If you do not know where to celebrate the New Year in Suzdal 2020, choose one of the places presented and you will be satisfied.

New Year's program

The main events of Suzdal will take place on the Market Square, where a large New Year tree, interesting illuminations and a stage platform for speakers will be installed. As the city administration promises, entertainment will be original and eventful, especially for children. Travelers and guests of the city will be able to visit discotheques, round dances, participate in competitions, as well as listen to local colorful music. The end of the holiday will be a festive salute. Tents will be set next to the square, in which tasty dishes will be sold: barbecue, pies, pancakes and much more. It will turn out to be warm with hot tea. Sell ​​and drink alcohol will be banned. In general, New Year's Eve promises to be fun and unforgettable.

If you decide to celebrate the New Year holidays in the magnificent city of Suzdal, do not forget to bring warm clothes. The air temperature in the winter here is kept at -10-15 ° С for a long time. It’s warmer during the day - -4-6 ° C.

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