New Year puzzles for the New Year 2020

We offer New Year puzzles for the New Year 2020, without which the meeting of this wonderful winter holiday is complete. This selection with answers will not leave children indifferent, revive the company and fill the hearts of the participants with kindness and happiness, and the holiday will become fun and memorable.

Riddles for the new year 2020 with answers

Adults often dream of plunging into childhood, experiencing magic and a fairy tale. And this will become possible, thanks to the proposed variants of riddles for the New Year 2020.

They are suitable for events of different ages:

  • matinees in kindergartens;
  • activities for school children;
  • city ​​celebrations;
  • corporate parties;
  • Meetings of 2020 in a family circle or a fun company.

Appearance, always on a marvel -

And fluffy, and beautiful,

Tender like a spider web.

It is white (Snowflake).


Silver blanket

She covered everything, swept it.

And nature has become a fairy tale.

Handled this (Winter).

It's already frosty in the air

You can ride on the rink.

It is snowing from heaven

So soon (New Year).


There are needles, there are paws,

But friends, this is not a hedgehog!

New Year's smell is heard,

Its more beautiful - you will not find! (Christmas tree)


This candy shoots like a cannon

Rain paper, color will fly.

Admire everyone, laughs.

Everyone guessed what it is? (Clapper board).

Who from afar, from a fairy tale

He got to us on the sleigh?

And brought gifts?

Loudly say (Santa Claus).


An openwork ice fell on a palm.

It melts very quickly on the hand (Snowflake).


Here on our tree the ribbon shines,

Multi-colored, brightly flickering light bulbs.

They are held together by marvelous postings,

The electric current itself helps them to shine.(Garland)

Mysteries for Rat's New Year 2020

The rat will symbolize the year 2020. She differs in resourcefulness and quick wit. And in the Ancient East she is considered a symbol of wisdom. Puzzles about rats and mice will become an integral part of entertainment.

The long tail I have

I can quickly hide.

It looks like a huge mouse,

I often scare passers-by.(Rat)


The first to feel given

That the ship will go to the bottom.

Not grain, not rice

Running away fast ... (Rat).

Gray sister of the rat,

Sharpen the seeds clearly.

And the pussy will approach her

Fast whisk in a squirrel.(Mouse)


Black eyes like beads

There is a ponytail and antennae.

The paws are fast with me.

Guess who I am?(Mouse)


I live in a mink, often a gnawing crust.

Tail with a needle, short legs.

And frankly,

I’m very afraid of a cat.(Mouse)

For young food

Looking for a gray creature.

There’s a scratch on the gimbal

What he finds, he carries in a hole.(Mouse)


I make minks

I create stocks.

Cats are very sharp-sighted,

I am cautious.(Mouse, Rat)


And what kind of animal is there

A piece of cheese fired?

Guess who the thief?

Did you all know? It - (Mouse).

Comic riddles for 2020 New Year

The intriguing entertainment of the New Year holiday will be comic riddles, both for kids and adults.

For children

Who is always with Santa Claus?

Who has a carrot long nose?

Who's neat, icy?

Made of snow. Brownie?(Snowman)


Who came to us all gray-haired?

In a sheepskin coat with a long beard.

He is so kind and generous to everyone!

Did you find out? Barmalei?(Santa Claus)

The lights shine on the tree

Guests are promised surprises.

On holiday, you are sad - a ban!

What's under the tree? Five cutlets?(Gifts)


Look what a miracle -

Smoke swirls from everywhere.

The house was torn off the roof

Mom fainted.

Suddenly soaring up

New Year (Fireworks).

For adults

An elderly man came to us,

With a white, long beard.

He brought with him the handle

Superior granddaughter.

You answer the question:

Who is he? (Santa Claus).

Amazing outfit

Cool figurine.

"Granddaughter of Grandfather" - they say.

Who is it?(Snow Maiden)


At an hour how guests will gather

And pour champagne

Sod, but not a mouse, by the tail,

Festive fireworks gush.(Clapperboard)


Look at the sky

Just a few minutes.

In the New Year’s sky is visible

Bright, colorful exchange rate?(Salute)

Beard and red nose

With a staff, in a sheepskin coat.

He brought gifts to everyone

In a bag, not in Youtube.(Santa Claus)


Set her on fire with a match

And she decently decently ...

No need to come close

You must answer together.(Petard)


Edible nose, eyes like embers.

They did not forget to put a bucket on her head.

Let not the model, the two waists are thin,

She was easily blinded out of the snow.(Snow woman)

From the tree to everyone she blinks

Sprawled on the branches more comfortable.

The mood immediately raises,

With her outfit at spruce - peerless.(Garland)

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