Fashionable women's sneakers 2019-2020

From the attribute of an exclusively sporting life, sneakers have long turned into indispensable fashionable shoes that will help out in any situation. They are put on to school and office, for training and walking around the city, and bright feminine models in the style of sport chic are used to create romantic and evening looks. Even lovers of flirty dresses and skirts today will not refuse to wear fashionable women's sneakers 2019-2020 - good, there are plenty to choose from. What sneakers are in fashion in the new season, what models are included in the collections of world famous brands - we will talk about this later.

Ultra-comfortable sneakers

This variety of fashionable shoes is a cross between sneakers and sneakers. The differences lie in the thick massive sole with a reinforced ankle, the presence of wedges and jumpers from suede, leather or nubuck. Classical lacing performs primarily a decorative function, and fastens a pair of side zippers or Velcro. Winter sneakers are often decorated with fur, while in demi-season natural or eco-leather predominates.

Youth and even outrageous option - sneakers with spikes and metal inserts. They allow you to create rocker images, go well with leather pants and jackets. Denim lovers should pay attention to denim models that can be worn not only with your favorite demi-season pants, but also with summer shorts.

High sole

High-soled sneakers look advantageous on miniature young ladies - they add a couple of centimeters of growth and emphasize the dignity of the figure. In such shoes you really want to straighten your back and get a light gait. Most often, manufacturers give the sole the same shade as the top of the shoe, but there are models in which the shades not only differ, but contrast with each other as much as possible.

Due to the high sole, the designers managed to improve the characteristics that respond to the comfort of walking. But there is one important point - playing sports in such sneakers will not work - leave them for walking and everyday leisurely walking.

Pay attention to the sneakers on the platform platform in the style of espadrilles. They borrowed the design from the same type of summer shoes, the sole of which is made of jute or imitation under straw. Espadrilles will be a good solution for the spring-summer season, when you do not need to worry about warming.

Permanent white classic

White color continues to be a favorite in the production of classic sports shoes - the most fashionable sneakers are available in a light palette. The universal shade has found its place in the most diverse models - low and high, summer and winter, feminine and bulky unisex. White color will bring a fresh accent to the look and visually add legs to harmony.

White futuristic shoes promise to be a hit, with special attention to fasteners. Exaggeratedly large clasps, straps, buckles, Velcro, metallic shades - all this will be at the peak of popularity in the 2019-2020 season.

Fans of original solutions should pay attention to white textured models stylized as reptile skin. Even the most ordinary sneakers with a hint of textured materials become mega-fashionable and very stylish.

Monolithic sole

If you lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports and often go hiking, comfortable and stylish sneakers with a monolithic sole will become a real lifesaver. Their ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail, which makes this type of shoe indispensable even when climbing mountain peaks.

At the same time, sneakers are successfully combined with the usual everyday outfits - shorts, jeans, breeches, trousers with wide trousers, flared skirts and dresses.

As a rule, shoes with monolithic soles are not inherent excesses - the design is laconic, jewelry to a minimum, and the picture, if present, is rather muted and discreet. An acceptable option is a two-color sole and small contrasting inserts at the top of the model.

Outrageous sneakers

The principle of eclecticism, which can be traced in most fashionable clothing collections, is also reflected in sports shoes. Designers here have taken an extraordinary approach, combining sneakers with socks. The result was original new models that allow you to stand out from the crowd - in such sneakers it will be not just convenient, but mega-convenient. They fit perfectly to the ankle, allowing you to wear trousers and jeans with the narrowest legs on the run.

Additional comfort is provided by the technology of seamless sewing - in sneakers-socks, you can safely engage in jogging and strength exercises. The only drawback is the lack of protection against getting wet, so for the winter it is worth choosing an option from leather or its substitute.

Fashion glitter

The fashionable direction of sport-chic dictates its laws on clothing and shoes. So there were top sneakers with glitter and metallized inserts that look very cool and ultra-fashionable. Sparkling decor is used in a variety of models of sneakers, but most often stylists rely on conciseness, which will not compete with active jewelry.

Glitter can be located on the soles in the form of a golden or silver placer, and can be present zonally on socks or backs. In addition to sparkles, stones and rhinestones are used to design fashionable sneakers - what is not an attribute for an evening look ?! By the way, glitter does not have to be gold or silver. Purple, emerald, blue and burgundy sparkles look no less impressive. The direction of “logomania” is successfully combined with them, when glitter is used to apply the logo of a manufacturer or brand.

Universal black color

Dark-colored shoes have several advantages over any other - it is easier to care for and easy to combine with any other tint palette. The universal attraction to casual style makes black sneakers an unconditional trend in street fashion, because they are in perfect harmony with dresses, coats, jackets and skirts.

Athletic elegance and glamorous chic combine sneakers with rhinestones. They have not so high combinatorics as pure black, but they allow you to look fashionable and bright.

Harmoniously designed models with a dark top and white bottom are always at the peak of popularity. They return to the podium again and again, changing only the appearance and decor. Dynamic walks, jogging and field trips - these are far from all areas where black and white sneakers will be relevant. A good combination of black will be with red, orange, yellow and green.

Tie Dye Style

Everyone who pays attention to the latest sports shoes has already managed to appreciate the originality of Tie Dye sneakers. The style, which translates as “tie and dye,” is characterized by vivid execution and abstract motifs. Specially developed technology allows you to get sneakers with unusual prints that combine several bright contrasting shades at once.

The base material for shoes is twisted, rolled up and immersed in a solution of a certain color. Then they are twisted in a different direction and immersed in a dye of a different shade, which creates the original patterns. In this design, both female and male models are performed - most often of a classic design and with a minimal amount of decor.


The top of the sneaker, reaching the middle of the ankle, makes them look like boots. These shoes will become especially popular in the fall-winter season, when you want to wear something warmer. The design allows the use of internal insulation, fur inserts and a dense insole. At the same time, the fashionista can be sure that she will remain in trend, no matter what style of shoes she chooses. Sneakers-boots will make up a successful ensemble with puffer jackets, short down jackets, jeans, any sportswear.

Fashion decor

Simple lacing and a discreet logo as a decor are not even yesterday’s, but yesterday’s trends. Today, the decoration of sneakers has received more creativity, which manifests the full scope of design imagination. Modern sports shoes use embroidery and stones, voluminous stripes and rhinestones, wide straps and ribbons, chains and slots. Thanks to the bright stylish design, the top sneakers managed to squeeze classic shoes off the catwalks.

Brand sneakers

Of course, the legendary brands remain the main trendsetters of clothes and shoes. Moreover, the issue of sneakers is now engaged not only in manufacturers of sports models, but also in fashion houses, for which a few years ago this direction was uncharacteristic.


Adidas continues to be a leader in sports shoes. For the fairer sex in the 2019-2020 season, the brand offers several convenient models at once:

  • Felt - large voluminous sneakers with mesh, suede and leather inserts in interesting colors;
  • Swift Run - light and comfortable, the perfect choice for summer and spring;
  • Campus - in design and silhouette resemble sneakers;
  • Nite Jogger Boost - durable models with reflective inserts.


The clumsy and bulky Nike sneakers are slowly fading into the past. They are being replaced by more elegant and feminine styles, which will be an excellent attribute for creating a sports and casual image. But these are still high-quality products with a shock-absorbing sole and an insole repeating the anatomical bends of the foot. The developers replaced the shoelaces with Velcro, and instead of leather they began to use modern “breathing” materials.


The French brand is still betting on femininity. Their sneakers ideally combine comfort and grace, which brings the models to the favorites of the stylish sport-chic collections. Sneakers with bright accents, glitter and interesting contrasting prints predominate in the new fashion lines.

Photos of the most interesting sneakers from Dior:

Dolce & gabbana

According to D&G designers, modern brand sneakers must certainly be colorful and cheerful - and the new collection is proof of this. In one pair, designers use up to ten different shades, decorate pairs with openwork inserts, rhinestones and whole floral arrangements. In Dolce & Gabbana sneakers, the image will never be boring, and high quality will allow you to enjoy stylish shoes for more than one season.

The secret of the popularity of sneakers is in their versatility, because these shoes are combined with almost any thing. Choose a suitable color and feel free to include a fashionable comfortable couple in your everyday wardrobe.

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