Planting tomato seedlings in 2020

Even those who have never had a summer house know about the close relationship between landings and the lunar calendar. At the same time, true gardeners follow different ways of determining the optimal time for sowing a particular crop. Planting a tomato on seedlings and in a greenhouse in 2020 requires special knowledge - a leap year may require amendments to planned gardening matters. It remains only to understand when to plant tomatoes this year, is it worth it to do at all, and are there any differences from previous years.

Different planting dates for greenhouse and soil seedlings

Some inexperienced gardeners make a serious mistake by preparing seedlings for planting in open ground and a greenhouse. Such individuals often grow different tomatoes at the same time, forgetting that for planting in a greenhouse, seeds for seedlings must be sown earlier.

This is due to the fact that even in the simplest film greenhouse, the planting time differs from open ground, because under the shelter the air temperature rises earlier. In addition, any type of shelter allows you to protect the planted plants from small return frosts. Therefore, tomatoes can already be planted in the greenhouse even at the risk of low sub-zero temperatures at night.

Attention! When choosing a sowing time for tomatoes, you should pay attention not only to the period indicated on the package. Seed producers often give dates for the middle band, but even in neighboring areas there is a forced adjustment of the planting date. Therefore, it is additionally necessary to focus on the experience of neighbors, your own observations and data on the timing of landing in a particular region.

In addition to this, there is the concept of a second crop, when planting is done twice. Also, some summer residents and farmers practice the gradual ripening of tomatoes of the same variety. To do this, the desired variety or hybrid of tomatoes is planted on seedlings several times. In this case, the landing time is formed with a 10-15 day interval. Often this applies to ground tomato, which have determinant properties.

To get the earliest harvest, in some regions it is worth sowing tomatoes in late January. Basically, it is worth remembering the rule of 60 days. Those. sowing should occur 63-65 days before planting in a permanent place, because several days are necessary for germination.

At the same time, someone is processing seeds in every possible way, trying to speed up seedlings, but various manipulations are unnecessary for tomatoes. They already germinate well, you just need to take into account the time required for this before sowing. Just do not forget that the terms for greenhouse cultivation differ from the soil, in addition, other conditions can affect the sowing schedule.

When to plant tomatoes in greenhouse seedlings

Choosing when to plant tomatoes for greenhouse cultivation, it is necessary to pay attention to the ripening dates of a particular variety or hybrid. Thus, it is possible to plant early and late types of tomatoes at the same time, which subsequently ensure continuous harvesting.

Typically, for transplanting plants into a greenhouse in central Russia, it is necessary to navigate the timing of the finished seedlings by the end of April. Roughly in late January-early February, it is necessary to sow tomatoes. The closer to the southern regions, the sooner the time comes for planting for seedlings.

Worth to know! Plans for planting tomatoes in heated greenhouses require clarification of the timing of sowing tomatoes for seedlings. Moreover, the presence or absence of re-exposure will interfere with the necessary planting dates.

Based on this, it is worthwhile to focus not only on the duration of growing seedlings, varietal ripening, but also on the conditions in the greenhouse itself. The lack of sufficient light and normal temperature can lead to the fact that after transplanting tomatoes can temporarily “freeze”, waiting for conditions suitable for growth. Open-ground tomatoes have their own problems.

Planting soil tomato seedlings

Experienced gardeners already have their own planting calendar for different crops, broken by time. And this also applies to greenhouse and ground plants grown through seedlings. For the middle lane, it is necessary to sow soil tomatoes for seedlings in March.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the seeds of which varieties and hybrids will be grown, because sometimes indeterminate varieties are grown in open ground, and not just undersized. It is only important to remember that planting seedlings grown too early in the ground is fraught with the loss of all plants due to return frosts. A later planting threatens that in anticipation of the autumn frosts tomatoes will have to be removed immature, because they just don’t have enough time to mature. Only for different regions the timing of tomato planting is very different.

For example, there are several options for the timing of transplanting soil tomatoes:

  1. Krasnodar Territory - end of April-beginning of May.
  2. Tomsk Region - the first and second decades of June.
  3. Ulyanovsk region - starting from the second decade of May.

Based on these examples, it is clear that the timing of planting tomatoes in different regions can "walk" for almost 2 months. Consequently, sowing seedlings in these regions will also be different, although the 60-day rule is relevant for all areas. However, there are people who use not only growing dates and weather analysis before sowing seeds, but also a lunar calendar that helps to choose good dates.

Favorable days for seedlings on the lunar calendar

According to the calendar, you can determine the best planting days, suitable not only for such work, but also successful for the future harvest. Although some just need to know that the "tops" are planted on a growing night luminary, and not only the root crops that are decreasing. Sowing on a full and new moon is highly undesirable. It is not even recommended to prepare beds or fertilize the land.

To take into account the lunar impact, you can focus on special tables that specify when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2020. If they also indicate the desired periods of other work, then this is even more convenient for gardeners who control the phases of the moon.

Gardener's lunar calendar for 2020
DatesMoon phaseRecommended types of workUnwanted gardening
22.01WaningCalibration and soaking of seeds. Planning.Sowing, work with soil.
28-29.01GrowingSowing, watering, seed preparation.Work with soil, fertilizing.
01-03.02GrowingGermination of seeds, sowing, fertilizing.Preparatory work with the ground.
06-07.02GrowingWatering, sowing and other work with seeds.Earthwork, including loosening.
19-20.02WaningSoaking seeds, drawing up a calendar of sowing and transplanting. Loosening the soil.Preparatory work with the ground.
28-29.02GrowingSowing tomatoes, peppers, etc. Watering and fertilizing. Feeding, picking.Loosening and other work with the earth, except for picking.
04-06.03GrowingWatering, sowing, root and leaf dressing. PickLoosening, preparing the soil for planting.
11-12.03WaningWork with the land, planting greenhouse radishes. Fertilizer application.Loosening and transplanting.
13-14.03WaningFertilizing seedlings and perennial plantings. Earthwork.Dive, transplant.
17-18.03WaningEarly sowing of root crops in open ground. Sowing radishes in greenhouses. Watering and fertilizer.Pick
27-28.03GrowingSowing seeds, working with seedlings, including picking and transplanting.Fertilizing, loosening and weeding.

For year-round cultivation, the successful dates for planting tomatoes and their subsequent picking or transplanting should be clarified separately, because The standard calendar is designed for gardeners and gardeners. However, you can simply follow the rule of landing on the growing moon.

It is also advisable not to forget that not only favorable sowing days, but also many other conditions affect the final quality of seedlings and the crop itself. In particular, you need to remember about proper care, then even tomatoes planted on a bad day can give a good crop. Even a leap year can not affect the quality of seedlings, although some argue that it is necessary to plant a little more plants, because their productivity will be lower than usual.

Choosing the time when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2020, you can focus on the phases of the moon or instructions on a bag of seeds, but it is better to use the experience of neighbors for this, adjusting to your conditions. It is important not to forget about the difference in the timing of sowing tomatoes for growing in a greenhouse and in the ground without shelter.

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