Subscriptions of the Moscow Philharmonic 2019-2020

Not all modern youth understand what philharmonic society is and why it is needed. However, there are also young fans of classical live music. Although more mature and elderly people go to listen to the orchestra live, they are often connoisseurs in the field of symphonic music who want to attend a maximum of high-quality events. People from this category, living in the capital, are trying to buy the Moscow Philharmonic membership cards for 2019-2020 in a timely manner in order to be able to attend the best concerts without worrying about buying tickets in advance.

A wide variety of types of subscriptions to the Philharmonic

For fans of symphonic music will not be surprised at the many varieties of subscriptions. In fact, it’s difficult to buy single tickets for a concert because they are sold in advance in a combined form. This is a kind of a single concert brand for several performances of a certain type. Such a multiple ticket can be bought for different performances in one of many styles. In the Philharmonic, concerts of folk groups and musical performances performed by opera singers of world renown are allowed.

On the stage of the Moscow Philharmonic you can listen to performers from Greece, France, Belgium and other countries of the world. There are also both experienced and young talents. In particular, in the 2019-2020 season, as many as 5 subscriptions will be issued for one of the country's youngest symphonic groups. We are talking about the National Youth Orchestra of Russia. As part of various subscriptions, the Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform in tandem with different conductors. Separately, it is worth noting the numerous soloists of the orchestra, including pianists, violinists and even viola player Maxim Rysanov.

It is also necessary to highlight the presence of 50 various subscriptions intended for the younger generation, starting from the youngest children to teenagers and students. This is due to attempts to engage a youth audience in the world of classical music. For this, a special program was developed consisting in a combination of a concert and a conditionally entertaining entertainer with the involvement of media personalities as the leading person. All this is reflected in the variety of subscriptions offered. In particular, the series “Language of Music” was released, which implies a hybrid of a concert with a lecture aimed at attracting the interest of adolescents.

Start of sales and estimated cost in 2019-2020

Those who have recently joined the classical music may not know the timing of the purchase of tickets. For choral, jazz, chamber and other concerts, season tickets are sold in advance. The Moscow Philharmonic and other major concert organizations of the country announced the start of sales on February 1.

During this period, you can choose any issued subscription, but do not forget that with each subsequent day the availability of seats for the desired concerts will only decrease. Therefore, if the importance of the concert is high, it is better to purchase season tickets in advance.

Attention! Do not forget the possibility of a virtual visit to the performance of one or another collective, artist or orchestra, held in the P.I. Tchaikovsky, Moscow. This opportunity will receive more than 300 cities in Russia.

Thanks to the “virtual hall”, now not only Moscow is promoting the propaganda of classical music. Other cities of the country joined in this process. In addition, the cost of such a concert is lower than in the case of direct presence in the hall. On the other hand, even the presence of such a hall is not always convenient for people who want to hear a live concert. Therefore, they prefer to pre-purchase tickets. Only not everyone knows that this must be done in a very long period of time. For example, you can take subscription number 15, which contains exclusively Rachmaninov in the program. This type of subscription was sold long before the first concert on such a single ticket.

The start of sales was on February 1, and already on the 13th all tickets for ab. No. 15 were sold out, although the first concert will be held only in November, and the rest next year. However, this does not happen with all season tickets, because there are a lot of them. In addition, some of them are quite expensive. Partial subscriptions for the price start from 900 rubles. For popular single tickets, the cost can be 7.5 tr, and 8, and even 9 thousand. However, the price includes several concerts included in the ad-subscription.

Several subscription options in detail

Official site of the Philharmonic offers many options for single tickets to several concerts. Their list is wide enough, because includes concerts and performances of various styles, genres and trends. therefore, only for a general understanding it is worth considering several options. It should be understood that each subscription contains several concerts. At the same time, the rules of most tickets do not imply payment of the entrance to all performances - the purchase of a partial subscription is acceptable.

The list of concerts of the subscription can contain a different orientation and quantity. You can consider several options:

  1. Ab. No. 26 - Brahms, Prokofiev.
  2. Ab. No. 16 - Mahler, Bach, Wagner, Rachmaninoff.
  3. Ab. No. 20 - Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky.

This is only a fraction of the options. In addition, not everyone needs the Moscow Philharmonic membership cards for 2019-2020, but often those who wish do not have enough time to purchase them on time. Thanks to the Internet, people can learn in advance about the start of sales and buy the necessary tickets, although sometimes in this case you may not have time to pay the necessary subscription. Therefore, true music fans should be on their guard so as not to miss important concerts and long-awaited events.

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