Symbol of 2020

The boar that accompanies us this year on the eastern calendar will be replaced by the Rat. This is a rather controversial sign. Astrologers continue to argue about his favor and good luck. It is also known that the Rat managed to win the championship in the eastern calendar in a not entirely honest way. She climbed onto the Bull and crowded out the other representatives in order. That is why it is difficult to judge what 2020 will be like. Will we have to achieve success and recognition in any way? The symbol of 2020 has the element of metal, and white will be the dominant color.

Symbol of the year 2020 on the Eastern calendar and New Year

Without perseverance, perseverance and even arrogance it will be difficult, experts say. But if you manage to show firmness of character, fortune and luck will become best friends. Despite all the conflicting information about the dishonesty of the Eastern symbols, they remain determined fighters for justice. Do not try to attract representatives of this sign to yourself if you are not doing it with good intentions. Use all your strength to gain their trust. What will the Rat be in 2020 and what should be prepared for?

The Chinese calendar is different from our view on New Year's Day on January 1st. In Eastern tradition, triumph falls on the second new moon after a long solstice. Every year, the date changes. Accordingly, in 2020, the Rat will replace the Boar not on New Year's Eve, but a little later.

In 2020, this day will come on January 25th. The Chinese celebrate such a significant holiday for about two weeks. According to their national traditions, from the first day it is necessary to coax a sign so that it is supportive and brings good luck. In Russia, for this, they are trying to celebrate a special day in certain colors, prepare thematic dishes, adhere to traditions and popular beliefs.

White Metal Rat: characteristic of the eastern sign

The obligatory Rat assumes the role of creator. Representatives of this sign do not like to be performers. This applies not only to career, but also to family and everyday life. Of the positive qualities - the ability to complete the work begun. People born in the year of the Rat are great leaders. Their perseverance and determination really help in solving complex problems. The level of communication is always high, so we manage to come to an agreement and find a compromise. But, this is only in cases where they want it. Excellent organizational skills are another feature that makes it possible to lead the masses and influence the subconscious. All that remains is the question for what purposes the Rats use their superiority.

Most often, representatives of the sign remain cheerful and with a sense of duty solve all difficulties in their path. They are difficult to bring down with the goal. They are not adapted to physical labor, and as for mental activity, it is worth giving them their due. Realizing creative ideas, people around admire the Rats and even see their idols in them.

The most suitable type of activity will be the following areas: legal sphere, politics, business, journalism, creative work. If you have chosen a partner born under the sign of this animal, you can not worry about a stable financial situation. He will always use any chance to make a profit. Material wealth for these people is in the top of life goals from a good point of view. In pursuit of enrichment, they can succumb to waste. But, even minimal losses or losses are a great motivation to earn more.

If a person is no longer interested in the Rat, she can use it, manipulate her feelings. This is a significant drawback of the eastern sign. Also, she will not try to be imposed, and sympathy cannot last too long for one person. If you feel love and support, the marriage will be strong.

Chinese horoscope: what will be 2020 according to the eastern calendar

It should be ready for all the surprises of next year. Cleverness and sober views of the Rat can really be a stumbling block for representatives of other life positions. Astrologers are sure that success awaits people who are ready to quickly adapt to changes, make decisions, and do several things at once.

There are several trends of the next year, which are worth taking note:

  • from the first month of the new year try to appease the White Metal Rat. She loves perseverance, so purposeful personalities remain a priority. Move forward without fear, do not be afraid to change your life for the better;
  • changes - the main "chip" of 2020 according to the eastern calendar. If you are not satisfied with your salary - change jobs, there is no happiness in marriage - it's time to put an end to it. Change will turn your head, but it should not confuse you;
  • more attention should be paid to family and friendship. If in these areas everything will go according to plan, self-realization, career growth are guaranteed;
  • If you decide to start your own business, this is a great time for investment. The only condition is to be attentive to the little things, carefully conduct all the calculations, taking into account the risks;
  • a leap year 2020 will be surprisingly favorable for creating a family and having children;
  • try to do more good deeds without expecting retribution from people. The road for selfless actions is open. Act, and good will return as a boomerang;
  • a real failure awaits people who will risk to achieve all by deception. Especially if others may suffer because of your actions. Refuse from lies and revenge, having adopted good intentions.

According to astrologers, the year will be really busy. Perhaps there will be so many obstacles on the way that in one moment it will seem that it is simply impossible to overcome them. Keep prudence and be prepared for defeat. Even if fate wants to present unpleasant surprises, there is always a way out. Think carefully about your every step to get closer to luck. If you feel a complete loss of strength, engage in self-development. Great for psychological courses or yoga.

Symbol of 2020: talismans and other charms of the year of the Rat

There are several characters that can help achieve your goals next year. These include:

  1. 2,3 will be lucky numbers, so when choosing dates for special events, pay attention to these astrological privileges;
  2. colors will be most suitable: saturated blue, green and golden hue;
  3. lily and violet are considered flowers-charms of people born under the oriental sign;
  4. to protect themselves from evil eye and troubles, it is advised to purchase a pendant with the image of a rodent;
  5. stone totem - pomegranate. It is associated with emotional stability and love.

How to appease a White Metal Rat: advice from astrologers

Despite the fact that while Boar remains at the head, experts are already preparing for the new 2020. Astrologers told some simple secrets on how to appease the main totem of the coming year according to the Chinese calendar. It is better to celebrate the New Year in modest dresses without any provocative details. We give preference to white color, flickering glare on textiles is welcome. The main ban is a leopard print or pictures with your favorite cats.

Your outfit should be as comfortable as possible, not hamper the movement, not interfere with active pastime. As for the goodies on the table, here you can not be limited in choice. Make the menu as varied as possible: meat products, smoked meats, fish dishes, several types of cheese, fruit tray. The main symbol of the year appreciates simplicity, so it is better not to go into exotic complex preparations. The most suitable will be white dishes and a tablecloth, silver cutlery.

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