Where to walk in Moscow for the New Year holidays 2020

Moscow is a city of great opportunities, the capital of the largest state, known throughout the world not only for its historical and cultural attractions, but also for its ability to relax, have fun and have fun in the full program. Thousands of tourists from all over the world and visitors from all over the country come to this city every year, their influx to holidays is especially increasing. Not surprisingly, many Russians and foreigners are interested in where to take a walk in Moscow on New Year's holidays 2020.

When and how much rest for the New Year 2020?

Most Russians have a good New Year mood and preparations for this holiday begin much earlier, sometimes from the beginning of December. The festive bustle begins, shop windows, and a little later the whole city and houses are dressed up with flashing garlands, snowflakes and other paraphernalia. Everyone begins to look for gifts for all their loved ones, friends and colleagues, and, of course, choose the best Christmas tree or pine and decorate it and the whole house. Although few people celebrate Catholic Christmas, and this day is not a day off, but usually by this date, a week before the New Year, the New Year's mood and decorations fill everyone and everything, the Christmas trees are already sparkling with garlands, most of the gifts are chosen, and I want to work less and less.

In the last week, as a rule, all New Year's morning parties, concerts and skits are held in educational and cultural institutions, as well as corporate parties in friendly labor collectives.

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russians have traditionally been walking continuously from the New Year to Christmas, and state institutions do not work. At the same time, the 4th and 5th numbers are postponed to the following Saturdays, and the remaining days are official holidays. But in recent years, our government has repeatedly raised the topic of reducing the New Year holidays to 3 New Year and 3 Christmas days, and some generally suggest leaving only the 31st, 1st and 7th days off.

But this year there will not be any such sad changes, and all state employees, after a shortened working day on December 31, will rest until January 8 inclusive. Employees of private organizations depend on their superiors, because the decision to work on holidays is made locally. So focus on past experience.

In 2020, we got another “bonus”: January 4 and 5, which usually need to be worked out after the holidays, fell on Saturday and Sunday, so there will be no mining.

For the old New Year, or circumcision of the Lord, as usual, there will be no day off, and baptism falls on Sunday, so that nothing will interfere with merrymaking and swimming in the ice hole.

5 reasons to come to Moscow for the New Year holidays

To the delight of all its residents and guests, Moscow offers:

  • A wide selection of entertainment for every taste and age, from noisy show programs to theater premieres, from sports entertainment to cozy restaurants with a family atmosphere and home-made cuisine.
  • An unforgettable vacation for any budget - in the capital, there are a huge number of free events, as well as stunning programs with tickets of 30 thousand rubles or more.
  • The abundance of pure winter entertainment, snowdrifts and fluffy snow, ice rinks, snow slides and fortresses, amazing sculptures made of ice - the climate itself gives a New Year mood, especially to residents of the southern regions
  • In the capital, all the most collected: the largest and brightest fireworks, the best restaurants, the most famous artists, pop stars, as well as the best productions and organizers
  • If you have never been to this beautiful city, you can also use the New Year holidays to get to know the capital and explore its sights.

Where to go in Moscow on New Year's holidays?

The choice of places of rest these days in the capital is unusually huge - in fact, in every institution, from clubs to museums and theaters, from shopping centers to the Kremlin, New Year's entertainment programs are held in a variety of directions.

But there are places that remain favorite and most crowded from year to year. Among them, of course, is Red Square, where a huge mass of people spend New Year's Eve to the chimes and explosions of the country's best fireworks. Poklonnaya Gora, Vorobyovy Gory, Pushkinskaya and Manezhnaya squares, Okhotny Ryad, GUM, Lubyanka and Gorky Park are also popular.

At all these venues, as well as in all parks and in most areas of the capital, there will be large-scale entertainment programs for adults and children, fairs, photo zones and food clubs, many - ice rinks and discos, as well as fireworks.

Meet the new year 2020 is possible not only on Red Square - many restaurants and entertainment venues in Moscow organize their program all night, in a warm, comfortable environment and with good food. Not to mention the traditional version - at home, at the table, with family, Olivier and champagne.

Where can I relax with my children?

For children, perhaps, the capital offers the most detailed program of activities for every taste and age, with and without parents. We will name the most popular:

  • Kremlin Christmas tree - Perhaps this is the dream of any child. Here the most interesting entertainment program, the best artists and gifts, and the most talented and wealthy children relax. The very fact of "visiting the Kremlin", in the main and most beautiful building of the country, already creates the feeling of a fairy tale and a holiday.
  • On Tversky Boulevard will hold a curling championship and hockey competitions.
  • Museum them. Tchaikovsky puts New Year's performances on all known fairy tales.
  • Christmas trees with entertaining programs, Santa Claus and Snegurochka, a round dance around the Christmas tree, contests and sweet prizes will be held everywhere and for free, in squares and parks in every district of Moscow.
  • For older children Natalia Sats Theater will deliver one of the most magical, famous and beloved winter stories, “The Snow Queen”.
  • In the cultural center "Birdhouse" a performance about the power of good against evil and love for animals will take place.
  • Museum of Russian Impressionism prepares an interactive plasticine show for children 4-11 years old.
  • In the reserved Tsaritsyno there will be a carnival and a fairy tale in which everyone can participate.

Where to relax with the whole family with children?

So that it would be interesting for both children and adults, you can spend time in many restaurants, as well as go ice skating, skiing and snowboarding in the park, move off the ice slide and throw snowballs on each other. In addition, you can visit a holographic show in the theater of the future, or go together to the Coral Garden aquarium with the most marvelous marine inhabitants, the Experimentarium museum with the wonders of physics, the museum of machine revolt, where the heroes of science fiction films come to life, the Illusion Show in the Circus of Miracles ( from 6 years) and many other entertainment and educational institutions.

For visitors, tour operators also organize programs that are interesting for both adults and children. They are designed for the program from 4 hours to 6 days, include a variety of attractions and entertainment programs. Prices for such tours vary from 2000 rubles. for a bus tour of up to 20,000 or more; for an individual VIP tour for several days.

When choosing which restaurant to spend New Year's Eve in or with which tour operator to explore Moscow, consider not only the promised program and budget, but also the reviews. Alas, among the huge number of offers, there are low-quality and frankly false ones.

Where to have fun for free or as inexpensive as possible?

On each square and in all parks of the country holiday trees will be installed and entertainment programs will be held with competitions, sweepstakes, concerts and exhibitions. All this is organized by the city authorities and is absolutely free for Muscovites and visitors. The only thing that will require money here is shopping at fairs, as well as warming drinks and snacks that cannot be avoided, as well as ice skating rinks and equipment rental.

The most popular among such sites:

  • GUM. Here, in addition to the Christmas tree with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, there will be handmade sales exhibitions, photo zones, a concert and competitions with prizes, as well as an alley of wooden houses with hot drinks. There is also an ice rink in GUM, which is very popular and crowded.
  • Poklonnaya Gora. From here, as always, offers a magnificent view of the whole city. The winteriest festive atmosphere reigns here: sculptors masterfully make miniatures of Moscow from ice, snow fortresses have already been built for the funniest battles with snowballs, and there is also an ice rink for skate lovers. In addition, attractions work, concerts and contests with prizes, games for children and adults, a disco and a separate chic fireworks are held. Of course, there is also the opportunity to have a tasty meal and keep warm not only in movement, but also with drinks.
  • Gorky Park. Here is the most fashionable ice rink with neon lights and luminous laces on women's skates, where you can celebrate the New Year with a chime. The second highlight of the park is the slide for snowboarders: now for this sport it is not necessary to go to the mountains. The rest of the entertainment program is fascinating, but standard: Christmas tree, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, contests with prizes, a concert, attractions, food and drinks, fireworks and dances until the morning.

Similar, but sometimes less large-scale events will be in all squares and parks of the city, so even for those who can not afford to spend a tidy sum on New Year's holidays, there is a huge selection of opportunities to have fun absolutely free or very cheap.

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