New Year Tours 2020 Early Booking

New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated vacations of the year. You can spend this time in a special way, if you plan your vacation correctly, take care of choosing a country in advance, book a hotel room. It all depends on your financial capabilities, the duration of the weekend and desires. Early booking of tours for the New Year 2020 is an opportunity to go on a trip at a cost of up to 50% less than the original price. It is important for you to decide which country you would like to visit. And if you want to celebrate the New Year holidays at home, discover the best places in Russia where you can spend time actively and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery.

Rounds for New Year 2020 early booking: where to go on vacation

The specifics of early booking are significant savings. You can only avoid a budget hit if you are confident in the timing of your vacation and can pre-pay your tickets in advance. Unforeseen circumstances are not excluded. Therefore, you need to take this issue seriously in order to avoid trouble.

Tour operators offer dozens of destinations for a family, romantic, extreme weekend. A rich program for celebrating the New Year will be remembered for a long time. Competent employees of travel companies will help you choose a tour at the best price, climatic features, wishes. You will be satisfied and will be able to recall your weekend throughout the year.

For lovers of exotic holidays, the following countries are suitable: Egypt, Tenerife or Thailand. If you normally adapt to climate change, directions will pleasantly surprise you. If you want to be in a winter cold in a paradise under the blinding sun, feel free to go to the UAE or Egypt. Despite the fact that here it is not acceptable to celebrate the New Year, everything is provided for Russian tourists. Under the sun you can not only see the decorated Christmas tree, but also plunge into the entertainment program.

If you are not ready for a sharp change in climate, and the soul does not crave an exotic vacation, European countries are suitable. Prices for traveling to Europe are quite affordable, so you can travel to different cities and enjoy moments of exciting excursions. Well, if you want to ski, find yourself in a snowy forest, in Russia there are many places where you can recharge the atmosphere of the New Year.

Best places and ideas for the New Year weekend: where to go on vacation

Choosing a country for an active and enjoyable pastime is a large percentage of success in planning your winter vacation. Conventionally, all types of recreation can be divided into the following areas:

  • beach holidays, closer to the ocean, to enjoy the summer sun and meet New Year's Eve under palm trees;
  • European weekend with several countries. Europeans love themed holidays, so on the streets you will see many sparkling lights, go shopping, immersed in an atmosphere of true bliss;
  • ski tour, where you can conquer more peaks. Book cozy houses in the middle of nature to spend this evening by the fireplace with loved ones, and in the morning go skiing or sledding;
  • fabulous cities, where by the New Year embody hundreds of impressive ideas for tourists.

Much depends on the format of the vacation and its type, regarding who you go on a tour with.

Earlier booking tours from Moscow: how to relax inexpensively, but unforgettably

Tour operators reviewed the popular destinations for the New Year. Most often, tourists from different parts of the world travel to the following countries:

  1. France or Germany. European countries gather thousands of vacationers who come ships to plunge into the atmosphere of a real Christmas miracle. Delicious dishes, flashing lights on the city streets, New Year's fairs attract Russians. You do not have to wander around looking for a good restaurant for your romantic evening or family holiday. It is enough to choose hotels with the New Year program, where you will be offered the best holiday option.
  2. Cuba, Maldives and even the Canary Islands. This is a luxury travel option. You can soak up the warm sun, recharge with new forces. Most of all, such a holiday is suitable for romantic trips or a weekend with friends. Monitor in advance what types of recreation in the selected location impress you. Nightlife lovers can have fun at local clubs. For children, there are also many options for hanging out.
  3. Finland or Switzerland. Ski resorts are in greatest demand. No matter in what circle you plan to spend the holiday, this is the most suitable format for active pastime. Even if your company has passive people, they can sit by the fireplace with a cup of warm mulled wine.
  4. USA. Americans emphasize the Christmas holidays. For a month, cities transform into a fairy tale. Cozy restaurants, rich shopping, visiting the main Christmas tree convey the magic of the atmosphere.

New year by the sea: where to go inexpensively for the holidays

Thailand. Cheap winter tours on the Andaman coast are really impressive. Even in December, the dry season is preserved here, favorable for hanging out near the water. Daytime temperature fluctuates within 30 degrees, and at night the indicators do not fall below 22 heat. As for Phuket, it often rains here. Despite this, there are thousands of tourists here for the New Year. The price for two is around $ 1,500 all-inclusive. Grandiose carnival performances and an exciting rhythm are waiting for you.

Jordan. Aqaba resort is in the top destinations among Russians. Friendly locals create an aura of goodness and love. There is practically no crime, and the sights are captivated by its historical value. Here is the Red Sea, the temperature in which heats up to 23 degrees Celsius. If you wish, you can also go to the coast of the Dead Sea, taking healing baths. If you book a ticket for two in early booking offers, such a weekend will cost about 1.7-2 thousand dollars.

Vietnam. For the New Year holidays, the Phu Quoc resort is suitable. A warm relatively dry climate allows you to enjoy the warm sea. The place is washed by the South China Sea, the water temperature in which reaches 30 degrees. Also relevant resorts Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. There is a danger of the raging sea, but this does not deter tourists. On the territory of almost all hotels there are swimming pools, so the turbulent sea will not be able to spoil your vacation.

Where to relax on New Year in Russia: the best offers of tour operators

If a country vacation seemed expensive, or you do not have so much time, opportunities, evaluate the domestic offers of tour operators. Sochi for the New Year is transformed under the Christmas theme. Go for a ride on skates in the ice palace, arrange a real holiday for children in the Amusement Park, book a trip to the Yacht, choose locations with guides. The nature of Sochi even in winter is impressive, and clean air will allow you to relax as much as possible and move away from the bustle of the capital.

Beauty and sights are attracted by snowy Karelia. The area is popular for dog sledding. Take advantage of the best early booking deals to save your budget. Peter is a classic holiday for the New Year. What could be better than a family weekend in an atmosphere of celebration. For the Christmas holidays, St. Petersburg is becoming even more luxurious. Walk along the beautiful streets, visit world-famous museums, go to the theater.

Book a ticket to Altai. Every year there is an increase in the number of camp sites. If before the resort was famous for its active pastime, now it is considered comfortable. For the New Year, the prices here are not sky-high, so you can safely go on vacation with your family. There are no crowds of tourists yet, but Altai has a tourist prospect. When compared with Sochi, this is a budget option.

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