Decorations for the New Year 2020

Each family is looking forward to the New Year holidays. It is better to prepare for them in advance. After all, you need to consider many details. This applies to the holiday table, room decoration, New Year's outfit. Surely now many housewives will be interested to know which decorations for the New Year 2020 will be the most relevant. Let's try to figure this out.

What can you do yourself

Before proceeding to the manufacture of jewelry, you need to remember that the owner of next year will be the White Metal Rat. This means that the decor of the home should be made in white, gray, silver, metal and blue colors. Of course, one should not forget about the traditional red and green color. Some experts believe that the Rat will like all shades of beige. She will like the combination of black and metallic mother of pearl. Making the interior, you can use deep colors, for example, dark blue or cherry. Given this, you can do it yourself or sew a blanket with which to cover the soft part.

In the same tonality you can make your own Christmas pillows.

From similar material, you can sew covers on chairs and decor on the seats:

On your own in the New Year theme you can decorate the walls:

Balls of the corresponding color can decorate the door.

On the outside doors, such a Christmas wreath would be appropriate.

On the door or wall, you can hang such a nice craft.

For the decor of the apartment, the most unexpected things can come up.

If your house has a staircase, it can be decorated like this.

Such a New Year composition is possible in the corridor.

Different areas of housing can be issued in different ways.

Fireplace as an integral part of the New Year’s house

Despite the fact that having a fireplace and decorating it for the New Year is a purely Western practice, in our country more and more people want to celebrate a holiday, as in a foreign movie. However, such citizens are faced with a problem - where in our realities to get the "ill-fated" fireplace. It turns out there is a way out. It can be made fake for the celebration of the New Year holidays. To do this, you need ordinary large cardboard boxes. How to make it in reality, the following photos give an idea.

You can, of course, purchase newfangled electric fireplaces and decorate them accordingly.

The fireplace also looks original from ordinary logs.

Possible options for decorating the fireplace are presented in these photos.

Decorating the New Year's table in the year of the Rat

In addition to delicious and beautiful dishes, individual details can decorate the festive table:

  • Christmas compositions from spruce branches;
  • various candles;
  • beautifully folded napkins;
  • totem figurine;
  • exquisite dishes, etc.

Examples of successful New Year's table decor can be seen in these photos:

To decorate the table, you can use original vases.

Such compositions from cones will also look good.

An abundance of candles will create the solemnity of the moment.

Original table Christmas trees will add charm to the New Year's table.

You can make a fir-tree on a New Year's table with your own hands from ribbons.

What is the New Year tree in trend?

The Christmas tree should correspond to the color palette of the year and look harmoniously in the existing interior.

Decorating a Christmas tree is not necessary with the help of balls or Christmas toys. You can make garlands of paper, felt, plastic bottles, cones and other improvised materials.

You can also use various colored ribbons. They make bows and other jewelry from them. They can be supplemented with beads, beads and sequins.

The toys themselves can be made from any small things:

From traffic jamsYou can make different figures and whole Christmas decorations.
Of conesVarious animals and all kinds of garlands work well.
From plastic bottlesYou can cut out any figures and paint them with colored paints.
FeltExcellent material for the manufacture of voluminous Christmas tree decorations and garlands.
Old toysThey can be easily updated by applying a new pattern with special paints. You can also make new “clothes” for them: stick on top buttons, coins, fabric, tinsel pieces, sequins, beads, etc.
Light bulbsBurned bulbs should not be thrown away, as this is good material for unusual Christmas tree decorations. It is enough to paint them in an unusual color or draw an interesting picture on them.
SweetsEdible things can be used as Christmas tree decorations: spices, fruits, sweets, gingerbread cookies and gingerbread cookies. They can be cooked with children and dress up a Christmas tree together.

Unusual tree

In fact, a New Year tree may not necessarily be alive. For example, if the room is small, then you can make a stylized Christmas tree from a garland.

It can also be painted on the wall or made of wood, as shown in the picture.

You can even use ordinary branches, decorating them in an unusual way.

A Christmas tree can be made in the form of such a peculiar collage.

Such a design will also be interesting.

The New Year's table will be decorated with such an edible tree.

Christmas tree can even be hanging.

For the manufacture of a Christmas tree, the most unexpected things can come up:

How do you like this designer find?

In general, you can turn on your imagination and amaze your guests with the most unexpected decision. In the year of the Rat, any experiments are allowed. Mistress of the year likes everything new and unknown. Indeed, this animal is considered a very inquisitive animal.

Ceiling decoration

In this matter, it is important to make a reliable fastening of jewelry. To do this, it is better to pull the fishing line from the walls to the chandelier and then fix the decorative elements themselves. They can be in the form of Christmas balls:

The chandelier area can be decorated with coniferous branches.

All kinds of garlands made of paper are appropriate. To do this, just find on the Internet pictures on New Year's theme, print them on a printer on white or color paper, and then carefully cut. Through them you need to thread a thin thread and hang it on the ceiling line, which was discussed above.

Unusual look and such ballerinas soaring in the air.

Templates for this can be downloaded from us.

Paper snowflakes also look great.

How to cut them correctly, you can see in this video:

Of course, balloons are suitable for decorating the ceiling.

Create a festive atmosphere and uplifting paper lanterns. They can be hung on the ceiling, and also used as Christmas tree decorations.

What other crafts for the New Year can be done, is shown in this video:

What can be New Year's windows

Windows are the face of the house, so they should be decorated with great care. People at the windows of your home judge the well-being of the family. Surely, everyone wants these impressions to be only positive.

On New Year's holidays you can put on the windows:

  • various candles;
  • DIY crafts;
  • all kinds of luminous flashlights;
  • various compositions from christmas figures;
  • small Christmas trees made of paper, polystyrene foam, plastic, coniferous twigs, etc .;
  • a vase of exotic fruits;
  • a set of Christmas balls in a transparent bowl, etc.

On the windows you can hang an electric garland, multi-colored Christmas balls, snowflakes, funny New Year's pictures, tinsel and rain.

The coniferous garland decorated with bright ribbons and toys also looks good on the window.

On the glass, you can apply New Year's drawings in the style of a tympanum. To do this, you will need special stencils, a solution of toothpaste and your desire to make the windows irresistible. Pictures on the windows can be downloaded on our website. As a result, such splendor may appear on the windows:

You can also apply color drawings to glass. True, this requires special paints.

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