Postcards Happy New Year 2020 to colleagues and organizations

On New Year's Eve, many begin to thoroughly prepare for the holiday party. And this: decorating the house, compiling an original menu, searching for a chic outfit, choosing gifts and a fun scenario for the company. But this applies to home gatherings, and before the winter holidays, corporate parties will begin. They are very important for a career and business relations in a team, so you need to take events seriously. If you plan to individually congratulate your employees, postcards with New Year 2020 to colleagues and organizations will be an excellent option. They can be handed during a banquet or sent electronically. To create congratulations you will need templates and printing equipment. A picture can be downloaded free of charge and sent to e-mail or to a social group of the organization.

New Year's cards for colleagues

Any postcard loses its originality and positive energy, if it does not contain a sincere wish. But you need to consider that the boss is not Santa Claus, and colleagues are not children. Therefore, we have selected for you several respectable congratulations in poetry and prose. Choose the best of them and send beautiful New Year pictures.

Postcards for printing

Now on the Internet, you can find a lot of pictures for themed New Year's parties and Christmas meetings. Usually, these are paid options for templates for working in graphic editors. A reputable company orders invitations, cards, couvert cards in design studios with a logo and thematic features. But for small office parties, unlicensed images without authorship will do.

Congratulations for a colleague - men

"Happy New Year! I want to wish this year to become something special for you, to get everything you dreamed about. I wish you success. Knowing you, I have no doubt that you will get to your goal, as it should be real man. Happy holiday! "

"Happy New Year to a magnificent and wonderful man. I wish you great success, good mood, great prospects, good luck and undeniable luck in the new year. May happiness always warm our souls and true love warm our hearts."

"Let me wish you bright colors of life, loud successes, colorful impressions and dawn in the fulfillment of all your desires this New Year. Be happy. Let only honest, faithful and reliable people surround you. Let betrayal pass you by."

On a wonderful New Year holiday
Wait only for success and goodness,
Do not know sorrows and worries
Live happier than yesterday!
Go ahead and don't give up
Be the number one in everything!
Smile as often as possible
Indeed, there is no reason for sadness!


New Year is a special holiday.
You summarize again
You make an important analysis -
What has achieved? And what could not?
I want to wish, colleague,
Inspired to get the result.
Well, the New Year will give
Growth in income as much as a hundredfold!


My colleague dear
Happy New Year,
May it bring joy to you
Home, work and weather,
Stylish, smart, groovy
I wish you to stay
You are a man
And do not try to change!

For a colleague - women

“Happy New Year, my beautiful and dear colleague. I sincerely wish that the New Year’s wish will be fulfilled, that happiness will always shine in my soul and bright love will live in my heart, I wish you good luck and luck throughout the year, impeccable beauty and bright emotions "

"I wish that this New Year, success accompanied you in any business. Let the work bring pleasure. Let the authorities threaten only with a raise in salaries and an extraordinary bonus. I wish peace, peace and harmony in the family so that your heart never languishes with sadness, and a happy smile raised the mood not only for you, but also for us - your colleagues. "

"Happy New Year, I congratulate my dear and wonderful colleague. I wish you New Year's happiness and wonderful mood, great joy and good luck all year round, great ideas and high prosperity, vivid impressions and unearthly love."

“I congratulate a charming and lovely colleague on the New Year. I wish you to step this year with great hope and love, with sincere joy and good luck. May the new year bring brilliant success and bright happiness, vivid emotions and a great mood.”

Happy New Year,
Nice employee.
You are in the affairs of workers, difficult
Faithful companion to me.

Let the year be happy
Let everything succeed
Let the salary with a premium
More often issued.


You cannot find a colleague like you,
At least go around the entire globe of the earth.
I hasten to congratulate you on New Year,
And I write these verses for you.

I wish you mutual love, beauty,
Concerns from loved ones, kindness.
So that compliments tell you
So that people around idolize.


This year, may your dreams come true
And let the soul rejoice with delight
Let them give flowers daily
And waiting for happiness at the door!

We wish you tenderness, kindness,
So that life is beautiful,
So that love surrounds you
Heated you with his warmth!

General for employees

“Colleagues! This year was full of pleasant surprises, significant achievements, as well as minor disappointments. But you and I have remained unwavering and persistent in winning new awards for our work. I wish us all that all changes change the date on the calendar in our life were only for the best! Professional growth for us, new strategically important partners and successful contracts! The contribution of each of you in our difficult business is invaluable. Congratulations and wish you continued prosperity in the New Year! "

“My dear and dear colleagues, I wish you a Happy New Year. I wish you to start in the new year in a new way: that there will be new successes in activity, new high results in work, new beginnings and new victories, new bright emotions and new happy events. All good and good! "

"Dear colleagues! I want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you inexhaustible enthusiasm, strong patience, creative inspiration, high salaries and good bonuses. Let the boss call to his office only for a good reason, and work days will be bright and interesting!"

We worked fruitfully
You can finally breathe
From reports, from customers,
Take a break from work.

Happy New Year
Our wonderful team!
I wish you a bright year
How is our corporate party!

Let him not know afflictions
Our friendly family.
Frequent holidays to you, bonuses,
Happy New Year to you, friends!


New Year is a good time!
A new start and new achievements!
To all colleagues - joy, goodness,
Strength, health, vitality, luck!

Coziness always reigns in the house,
And the soul does not know afflictions!
New Year festive fireworks
Let them raise the bar!


Today is a working day,
But the heart asks for triumph
After all, the hour of the magic night is near!
From happiness - a head spin!

Best gifts to you, colleagues,
And money is a complete wallet.
And be lucky forever
Receive delight from life .;

Work with eternal inspiration -
Run home in full steam.
Wonderful to you bright
Good luck on all fronts!

For the director

"Happy New Year, boss! I wish that in the new year all wishes come true, all dreams come true, all plans come true, all hopes come true, all goals are achieved, and all successes are multiplied by tens or even hundreds of times! "

“Happy New Year to my wonderful and respected boss! May this holiday bring good miracles and strong strength, may New Year's wishes be fulfilled soon, may the new year be marked by great successes and great prospects in work, happy moments and joyful news in life! "

"Congratulations to the excellent leader, dear boss, human boss and just a sincere person. Let in the New Year, success never keeps itself waiting, let luck run into your own hands. We wish you high achievements, huge income and prosperity for the whole new, happy and joyful year "

You are leading our team
And we control wisely.
Happy New Year to you!
Let him make you happy with income,
Success bright, prosperity,
May all wishes come true!
So that at work and in the family
You have always been in charge
We wish the nerves very strong,
Ideas are always great!
Let the New Year come
Only happiness will bring you.


May the New Year do good
Dreams and plans fulfills.
Let the soul be warm
And the whole team is booming!

We wish you happiness and good
In all worldly directions.
May they not touch the cold
Families, work, inspiration!

To celebrate this New Year,
Lived, dreamed of "excellent",
Everything was easy in work,
Well, and comfortable in your personal life!


Under your guidance
Work is very easy!
Only need to learn
Work with all my heart.

Here you put your soul into the matter -
And everything will go better
With a special approach!
Head, Happy New Year!

Pictures-congratulations in the year of the Rat

In 2020, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the white metal rat comes. Therefore, the image of this animal is appropriate when designing postcards. We have prepared for you several New Year pictures with a rodent, which you can use for congratulations. Do not forget to add to them beautiful wishes in prose or poetry.

For a colleague - men

“Happy holiday, dear colleague! May the coming year give you new ideas, career growth, a raise in salary, long-awaited vacation. Let happiness, peace, love, mutual understanding settle in your family. Joys and bright impressions. Happy New Year!”

“The year that has passed with you is one instant. It’s so easy, unobtrusive and comfortable. I really want to wish you as many happy moments in this life as possible. I hope that, hand in hand, in the new year we will continue the path to perfect team actions and communicate with each other even outside working hours. "

“My dear colleague! I know how hard you worked throughout the past year, so let well-deserved awards and rapid climb up the career ladder await you in the Upcoming. Let time, money and effort be enough for everything. I wish you to catch the New Year Mouse for tail and beg her the most coveted gift. "

Let, colleague, New Year
It will bring us all a salary -
More to and more often.
So that we can wash mugs, cups,
Computers didn’t hang,
The authorities do not scream
So that everyone is glad to a colleague, friend ...
Salary - in the second round!
And from work - pleasures,
Good bonuses to you everywhere,
Free runs, discounts for shopping,
So that life is like a fairy tale, the world is like dope.
To be proud of my family,
Heat, comfort. Happy New Year!


New Year to my colleague
A lot to wish for:
So that there is less work
To not get up early.

To get a bonus more often
Awarded the team,
To happen every day
Small but positive.

So that we work together
Since we have one goal.
To let go in the summer
All of us together to the south.


We worked hard
Now let’s gloriously note
Because it’s coming to us
The best holiday is New Year!

I wish you improvement
Earn a boost
Overfulfill plans,
Never lose heart.

At work, things are excellent,
Almighty so that in personal life,
Never hang your nose
And wealth to grow.

For a colleague - women

"I wish that this New Year, success accompanied you in any business. Let the work bring pleasure. Let the authorities threaten only with a raise in salaries and an extraordinary bonus. I wish peace, peace and harmony in the family so that your heart never languishes with sadness, and a happy smile raised the mood not only for you, but also for us - your colleagues. Happy New Year of the Rat! "

“Happy New Year, my beautiful and dear colleague. I sincerely wish that the New Year’s wish will be fulfilled, that happiness will always shine in my soul and bright love will live in my heart, I wish you good luck and luck throughout the year, impeccable beauty and bright emotions. "

"Happy New Year, I congratulate my dear and wonderful colleague. I wish you New Year's happiness and wonderful mood, great joy and good luck all year round, great ideas and high prosperity, vivid impressions and unearthly love."

Happy New Year to you, colleague,
With new happiness and salary
I wish you progress,
Living beautifully and richly.

Let this year open
Here are the perspectives
Let the energy sparkle
And there will be no negative.


Happy New Year, smile
May dear snow-white
Strengthens all life
Be happy and successful!

Let the career go up
And your salary is growing!
I wish for the new year
Positive charge!


Colleague, stop working already,
It's time to have fun
An unprecedented holiday has come to us,
It's time to get some wine, glasses,

It is very beautiful to dress up,
Make-up work hard
And spin with a round dance!
I wish you happiness! Happy New Year!

General for employees

“I would like to congratulate our magnificent and friendly team on the New Year of the Rat with great joy! We are a small family with our traditions and relationships, and I wish you all mutual understanding with your colleagues, more interesting ideas, far-reaching plans and continued good luck in conquering new heights! "

“Dear and dear colleagues, I sincerely congratulate you on the New Year of the Rat. I want to wish you a smooth and prosperous road to success, clear goals and long-term plans, unquenchable strength and friendship of the team, family happiness and true prosperity, high prosperity and continued good luck. Let New Year’s night will fulfill the desire of each of you and give everyone a wonderful mood. "

"Happy New Year to Rats, dear colleagues! May this year, as a breath of fresh inspiration, bring you many ideas, suggestions, may all steps and undertakings on your part be crowned with success! We wish you healthy stubbornness, inexhaustible energy, endless enthusiasm and, of course as an assessment of your decent work, financial well-being! "

We spend half our lives at work,
And the collective is now almost a relative.
We share both sorrows and worries
Solving everything together during the day.

And day after day of the week fly by
And here we are on the eve of the New Year.
Colleagues, I sincerely congratulate you!
I wish you only joyful efforts!

So that the year that comes, be generous to you,
In work - okay, and in the house so that - comfort,
Good luck to be fair wind
Revenues are constantly growing.

Simple human happiness
Without sorrows, sorrows and worries.
Let love cover avalanche of passion
And miracles happen on New Year!


I wish you in the New Year
A happy life without worries
Light work without barriers,
Huge bonuses and salaries.

So that Monday doesn’t scare
The boss didn’t scold
And to work, like a holiday,
So that everyone happily fled!


Colleagues, Happy New Year!
Already about to set foot on the threshold.
Let the workers fix the jambs
And will bring new victories.

Let in the new we all add salary
Add a couple more days off.
So that the team has an understanding,
Well, there will be no problems!

But seriously, all the luck, success!
And new achievements and victories.
May the year give happiness, understanding.
We will work together for many years!

For the boss

“Let me congratulate you on the upcoming New Year of the Rat. I sincerely wish you a good year in your work with interesting projects. I wish you good health up to old age, successful work. May there always be around you bright people with whom you can achieve in the new year heights in labor and deeds. Happy New Year to you. "

"Happy New Year of the Rat, with a new beginning to the path to success, happiness and prosperity.You are a wonderful boss and a good person, and I wish you not to lose these qualities in the new year. May you be lucky all year, may you succeed in achieving any goals, may this year be kind and successful for you. "

“Dear boss, our strict and fair leader! I would like to thank you for your productive work, excellent leadership qualities and your inexhaustible hard work! Happy New Year and let this year bring more promising projects, reliable partners, money contracts and happiness to your family! "

Year after year we work together
Day after day we bear fruit.
Our team is united and faithful,
And the bosses are always ahead.
And we are not afraid of crisis and sanctions,
Hard days are not terrible for us.
After all, the authorities will always support us,
Happy New Year! Happiness, love!


To the laugh of fun and the clinking of glasses
We celebrate the New Year,
We wish you all the best, boss,
Live in happiness, without worries.
May this year be generous to you.
Let goodness and happiness not be stingy,
Let luck not blow you
We wish you all dreams come true.


It’s hard to be a woman’s boss
When everyone has a New Year’s mood.
And in doing so, tons and piles,
And you need to do them all today!
The boss! With your charm
It's so easy to get us to work
We don’t need to promise punishment,
And wish something good!
Let us in working order
Congratulate you and before the people
Assure - there will be "shoots in the garden"!
But on time! And now - Happy New Year!

Postcards for social networks

This collection contains several ordinary postcards from the "Internet", which you can send to your employees after the New Year's party. Simple pictures will remind you of a cool evening spent in a circle of colleagues and convey the atmosphere of the holiday at the "home" level. Ahead of Christmas and the old New Year, so they can serve as a hint of an invitation to celebrate the holidays together.

Animation for your favorite team.

And in conclusion - a few "live" postcards for colleagues and partners. Animation can be sent to a social network or to the "email" friends.

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