Where to go for New Year 2020 cheaply

Pensions near Moscow and Turkish hotels, hotel complexes of Veliky Ustyug and cottages in Lapland are preparing for the meeting of "New Year" guests. Where to meet NG: in a snowy forest, the center of the European capital or on the ocean "under a palm tree" - choose!

Maybe on NG to run away from winter for another week? Yes, long New Year holidays allow such a luxury. Where to go for the New Year 2020 cheap? Depends on preferences. You can relax in your own country, and go abroad quite budgetally - there are plenty of options.

Rest without troubles, or Where to go without a visa

Early booking is good, but nobody canceled the charm of spontaneity. And then visa-free countries - a lifesaver. There are 115 such states (including those where a visa is issued upon arrival), so there is a choice. No passport? No problem! The "magnificent seven" of our neighbors accepts Russians with the usual "internal" document.

Here they are:

  • Abkhazia Sea, subtropics, monkeys, caves. Few? Cuisine, wine and another sea - the sea of ​​tangerines.
  • Armenia. The most ancient civilization, the country that first adopted Christianity. Monuments of history, museums, temples. Cuisine, wine, cognac. Hospitality.
  • Belarus Close. Very close. It’s cozy. Quite inexpensive. Nostalgic.
  • Kazakhstan. Modern. It's cold and snowy.
  • Kyrgyzstan. The mountains. The mountains. Mountains again.
  • Transnistria.
  • South Ossetia.

It is convenient to travel to Armenia and Belarus with children: close, there is no abrupt change in climate.

Decided to celebrate the New Year in Russia? Wonderful!

Where do you most want to go on New Year's days? Of course, to the residence to that same Grandfather. It will be interesting for children to fall into the possession of Santa Claus, and adults will remember how they believed in a miracle and waited for gifts from "Himself." Veliky Ustyug invites you to New Year's holidays: cozy hotel complexes, picturesque winter landscapes, fascinating walks through the snowy forest.

St. Petersburg in winter is different. But museums and theaters are not dependent on the vagaries of nature. Once again wander through the halls of the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, walk along the Nevsky, go to the BDT - this city will not let you get bored.

Ski resorts are a great option for meeting NG. Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai, Arkhyz, Khibiny, Abzakovo - outdoor activities, sauna, New Year's dinner. For those who want to ski from the mountain, and not to go / fly far, a holiday at one of the Moscow Region bases is perfect. In general, pensions and hotels in the Moscow region are a convenient option for the New Year holidays.

On New Year to Europe

In Christmas and New Year's days, European cities are transformed: noisy and colorful capitals, a cozy and homely province. New Year's voyages to the Czech Republic and Germany are very popular among Russians: close, fun, satisfying, “beer” and relatively inexpensive. Of course, a trip to snowy Lapland will cost more, but Santa is worth it. It is possible to spend the New Year holidays in the Baltic on a budget. Here, by the way, the New Year is celebrated quite magnificently.

Tip: in order to catch the main events and save some money on flights, it is advisable to go to the European voyage before December 25, since the main holiday is Catholic Christmas, and the New Year is already an addition.

Prices for New Year tours to Europe

Germany From 46 thousand rubles. (4 nights for two)
CzechFrom 53 thousand rubles. (5 nights)
TurkeyFrom 51 thousand rubles. (4 nights)
ItalyFrom 61 thousand rubles. (4 nights Rome)
LatviaFrom 48 thousand rubles. (4 nights)
FranceFrom 56 thousand rubles. (4 nights Paris)

New year at sea: exotic and not only

And here’s the dilemma: if the sea to swim, then you can’t call inexpensive vacation. New Year's “bounty” under palm trees is cool, but holiday tours to Thailand, the Dominican Republic, the Seychelles and other exotic countries are quite expensive. And if the sea should be present nominally, then Turkey with its "ol inclusive" and a special New Year program for "Russian tourists" will cost inexpensively.

The “Russian” sea is the New Year in Sochi, where you can kill not two, but three birds with one stone: sea / palm trees, skiing, good service and “your” stars.

You can relax on NG both in your native country and in the near / far abroad. The main thing is not a place, but a New Year's mood and a pleasant environment.

Great Ustyug for the New Year

Veliky Ustyug is an old town in the North of Russia, in the district of which the residence of Santa Claus is located. Every year thousands of families visit this wonderful place, taking with them a piece of magic.

At the mouth of the Severnaya Dvina River, in the Vologda Oblast, in the endless taiga spaces, there is a cozy town - Veliky Ustyug. Numerous temple structures speak of its rich history, some of which date back to the 17th century.

Veliky Ustyug will give a special atmosphere for the New Year 2020, when the old surroundings will be enveloped in festive magic, and the city will turn into a real fairy tale for some time.

Benefits of New Years Celebration

The winter landscapes of the picturesque town make a special impression on tourists. The majestic Palace of Santa Claus, located in the vicinity of the Great Ustyug, impresses with its scope. When ordering a New Year tour to these fabulous lands, you don’t worry about the queues for viewing the possessions of a fabulous character. Arriving at the place, almost immediately the guides conduct an orientation tour. In addition to meeting with Grandfather, tourists can stock up on thematic souvenirs, ride a sled and participate in festive events. It is worth considering that the prices for souvenirs in winter may differ from the summer offer. After all, the high season!

A fairy tale trail is located on the territory of the estates, following which you can bask in the fire of the Twelve months and enjoy the charm of the winter forest.

New Year in Veliky Ustyug is a winter extravaganza of magic reigning in the whole district. Starting from the weather - snowy-frosty, and ending with festive events and gifts - everything here speaks of a real holiday, the impressions of which are preserved for life.

Usually New Year's events start at around 23.00. Dances, songs, contests and many other entertainments await the guests of the winter kingdom after Santa Claus wishes you a Happy New Year. On the territory of fabulous estates there are cottages and hotels where you can enjoy a good rest next door to the owner of the estates. Earlier booking a place of residence makes it possible to choose the suitable option with maximum comfort and affordable cost.

In addition to the New Year's program at the hotel, which is provided when ordering trips to Veliky Ustyug, tourists are offered a huge selection of other attractions:

  • visit to the Russian bath;
  • inflatable sledding;
  • bread baking workshop;
  • gatherings at the woman Zhary;
  • skiing, ice skating;
  • disco.

The city's attractions

Having planned your New Year holidays in Veliky Ustyug, it’s worth including in the cultural program a visit to the historical monuments of the city. Church architecture impresses with its old belfries, and in local museums you can see unique exhibits of artistic crafts and icon painting. When deciding on tours to Veliky Ustyug, you should definitely include in the program visits to the following places:

  • Museum of Old Russian Art;
  • Museum of Ethnography;
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady;
  • Trinity Cathedral;
  • Dymkovo settlement;
  • Cathedral courtyard.

New Year's holidays in Veliky Ustyug is a truly unforgettable vacation, where you can get maximum comfort, and, quite inexpensively. Once having been in this magical place, any traveler will certainly return here more than once.

New Year in Suzdal

Suzdal is a city filled with the atmosphere of Tsarist Russia. New Year's Eve here is a triple and sleigh ride, fun fairs and games. Have a seat and read - why thousands of tourists choose Suzdal to celebrate the New Year.

The chime of the bells and the harnessed three, rushing to the main square to the fair. Around - snowdrifts, children play snowballs, churches and houses with smoking chimneys, snowy fir trees complement the landscape. It looks like a picture of some artist who captured the Russian village of the 18th century. But no. This is winter Suzdal. It is as if intended to celebrate the New Year in the good old traditions.

This beautiful city is located 200 km from Moscow. Therefore, all the problems associated with flights, long trips are noted and the ticket will be inexpensive. Accordingly, the climate there is typical for residents of most of Russia. So acclimatization will not cause you any inconvenience.

How to celebrate New Year in Suzdal

The main action of the holiday takes place on the Market Square. There is a Christmas tree and a city fair. On the evening of the 31st, the New Year's performance with contests begins, which lasts until the morning. Having decided to celebrate a holiday on the street, a firework awaits this cream. And the real Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden has been walking around the city all this time.

If suddenly you do not want to spend New Year's Eve on the street, then any hotel provides its own program, often its cost is included in the price of the tour.

What to do in your free time?

  1. A traditional Russian bath is one of the highlights of Suzdal.
  2. You can freely ride on a sleigh or ski from the slides. Why not have fun remembering that we are all children, only big ones?
  3. Many workshops on making New Year's souvenirs captivate guests of all ages.
  4. There are now popular quest rooms in Suzdal, many tours include their visit.
  5. Horseback riding is also loved by tourists visiting this city.


For those who want to get to know the city more closely and learn something new, there are walking sightseeing tours.

Definitely worth a visit:

  • The Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of the city.
  • Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life. This is a kind of village in which everything that has been preserved from the 18-19 centuries is stored.
  • Schurovo Gorodishche is another museum with a lively history of Russia.
  • Monastery of Saint Euthymius

In general, Suzdal is rich in monasteries and churches, and not to list all. There is also a wax museum, a house-museum of merchants Agapovs and many other interesting places. So take a suitcase for more knowledge!

Issue price

How much will the New Year tour in Suzdal cost? Here are the approximate prices, including accommodation, meals and a New Year's program for 3 nights in the most popular hotels in the city:

HotelPrice per person in a standard room (rubles)
Suzdal Inn23000
Pushkarskaya Sloboda38000
Hot keys19200
Suzdal Motels19600

And if you are going to celebrate with a big company, you can rent a cottage or a guest house. For example, for 8 people it will cost about 170,000 rubles.

!!! Important: Early booking can save you a lot of money.

Well, are you ready to feel like merchants or boyars? Go to Suzdal!

New Year in Egypt

Egypt is a country with an ancient history that intertwines with modernity, presenting tourists with modern and luxurious hotels, endless beaches and plenty of entertainment for an unforgettable vacation.

The Arab Republic of Egypt occupies the Sinai Peninsula and part of East Africa. Washed by the Mediterranean and Red Seas, the Egyptian region attracts a huge number of travelers from all over the world. The inexhaustible flow of tourists to Egyptian resorts is due not only to ancient attractions, but also to favorable climatic conditions. Indeed, even in winter, the temperature in this area does not drop below 22-23C. This is an important factor that most travelers take into account when planning to celebrate the New Year in Egypt in 2018, and thereby combine the pleasant with the useful - relax inexpensively and learn more about the most ancient civilization on the planet.

The benefits of New Year tours to Egypt

Despite the fact that the Egyptians do not attach much importance to the celebration of the New Year, nevertheless, visiting one of the local resorts in December, you understand that everything is arranged here for an unforgettable vacation for guests. The festive atmosphere reigns everywhere - in hotels, restaurants, entertainment complexes, complementing the atmosphere with dressed up fir trees and Santa Claus, which locals call Papa Noel.

What is important, throughout the year, prices for tours to Egypt are very attractive, but the closer to the New Year holidays, the more volatile the situation becomes - the cost of the tour grows by 2, or even 3 times. In such cases, you should take care of planning your trip in advance. Early booking of the New Year's tour is a great opportunity to celebrate New Year 2020 in a comfortable hotel with a program, while not overpaying for extra money.

Each hotel complex, which hosts guests on winter holidays, prepares a full-fledged entertainment program with a chic feast, colorful events, contests and traditional dances. For those who want to diversify the atmosphere of the hotel, you can look into one of the local clubs or restaurants, having pre-booked a table.

For those who plan to go to Egypt on their own, there is a huge selection of villas, cottages, apartments. Their cost depends on the location and proximity to historical sites.

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Coming to Egypt, one wonders involuntarily - how did the ancient inhabitants, without any technical devices, be able to create such grandiose structures ?! Such a number of ancient attractions that store the long history of the pharaohs can not be found in any country. And if one day the question “Where to relax?” Arises, you should immediately book a tour to Egypt and visit these incredible sights:

  • Valley of the Pharaohs;
  • Giza pyramids;
  • Sphinx;
  • the Pyramid of Cheops;
  • Karnak Temple;
  • mount of moses;
  • Coral islands;
  • Nefertari Temple;
  • the pyramids of Saqqara.

In between excursions, you can take scuba diving lessons and enjoy the richness of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Diving and snorkeling are the most common water activities offered by local diving schools.

Fans of extreme sports will surely enjoy trips with a breeze on an ATV or a jeep through the sands of the desert. And for those who are closer to the water element, walks on a yacht or boat are suitable.

The Egyptian land is the cradle of prehistoric civilization, the memory of which has survived to our times, which in itself is a miracle of the world. So why not celebrate New Year 2018 near these unique and mystical places covered with many secrets and mysteries ?!

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