Europa League 2019-2020

Europa League 2019-2020 is not just a celebration of football, it is a real glow of passions, emotions and unforgettable impressions. And in order not to miss this grand event, we invite readers to familiarize themselves with the calendar and schedule of games for the upcoming tournament.

Europa League Rules: Qualification, Group Stage and Playoffs

Europa League matches are held in accordance with a three-stage scheme consisting of qualifying round games, group round and playoff matches (relegation matches). The qualification stage of the Europa League is based on the coefficients (ratings) of UEFA. Those. The right to participate in the tournament is primarily granted to clubs from countries that are members of a higher-ranking football association.

In practice, each of the associations has the right to represent three teams within the qualification phase, with the exception of the federations that rank seventh to ninth in the ranking of UEFA coefficients.

The maximum number of clubs in the European Cup qualification for LE is represented by associations with a rating of 1 - 51. Countries with a rating of 52 - 54 are entitled to put up two teams at a qualifying stage of the tournament and associations with a rating of 55 with the exception of Liechtenstein.

In total (according to the results of the 2019 - 2020 season), 55 countries will represent their teams within the 49th draw of the Europa League, including associations of Spain (coffee 103.569), England (coffee 85.462), Italy (coffee 74.725) , Germany (coffee shop 71,927), France (coffee shop 58,498), Russia (coffee shop 50,549), Portugal (coffee shop 48,232), Belgium (coffee shop 39,900), Ukraine (coffee shop 38,900), Turkey (34,600), Netherlands ( coffee room 32,433), Austria (coffee room 31,250), Czech Republic (coffee room 28,675), Greece (coffee room 27,600), Croatia (coffee room 27,075), Denmark (coffee room 27,025), Switzerland (coffee room 26,900), Cyprus (coffee room 24,925) ), Serbia (coffee 22.250), Scotland (coffee 22.125), Belarus (coffee 21.875), Sweden (coffee 20.900), Norway (coffee 20.200), Paul Shi (coffee room 19,250), Kazakhstan (coffee room 19,250), Azerbaijan (coffee room 19,000), Israel (coffee room 18,625), Bulgaria (coffee room 17,500), Romania (coffee room 15,950), Slovakia (coffee room 15,625), Slovenia (coffee shop 15,000), Hungary (coffee shop 10,500), Sev. Macedonia (coffee shop 8,000), Moldova (coffee shop 7,750), Albania (coffee shop 7,500), Ireland (coffee shop 7,450), Finland (coffee shop 7,725), Iceland (coffee shop 7,250), Bosnia and Herzegovina (coffee shop 7,125) , Lithuania (coffee shop 6,750), Latvia (coffee shop 5,625), Luxembourg (coffee shop 5,500), Armenia (coffee shop 5,250), Malta (coffee shop 5,125), Estonia (coffee shop 5,000), Georgia (coffee shop 4,750), Montenegro (coffee 4,125), Wales (coffee 4,125), Faroe Islands (coffee 4,000) and Gibraltar (coffee 4,000).

Two clubs each in the qualifying round of the Europa League season 2019 - 2020 will represent the Association of North. Ireland (coffee. 3,875), Kosovo (coffee. 2,500) and Andorra (coffee. 1,831). One team in the qualification of the tournament will be represented by the lowest ranking UEFA association - San Marino (coffee. 0.666).

Recall that according to the official UEFA regulations, “direct” trips to the group round of the championship will be given to the teams that take third to fifth positions in the regular championships of their countries and winners of the national Cups.

At the qualification stage, matches are held in two separate nets called the “Champions Path” and “The League Representatives Path”.
The first draw involves teams that have lost a ticket to the Champions League between the preliminary and third qualifying rounds, in the second - the clubs that have passed the qualifying round, including the teams that left the Champions League in the second qualifying round.

After the qualifying stage of the Europa League, a round of playoffs follows. At this stage of the qualifying ticket to the group stage of the tournament, 6 teams that failed in the third quarter dispute Champions League round, 10 winners of the 3rd qualifying stage of the “Champions Paths” and 26 clubs that have passed the 3rd qualifying round of the “Paths of League Representatives”.

The main fight for the main trophy of the Europa League begins at the group stage, in which 48 clubs take part, including:

  • 12 winners of national Cups representing associations 1 - 12;
  • four teams ranked fifth in associations with a rating of 1 - 4;
  • one club that has taken fifth place in the standings of the regular season of France;
  • four teams dropped out of the 3rd quarter UEFA Champions League rounds
  • four clubs that have dropped out of the UEFA Champions League playoff round;
  • two teams that dropped out of the UEFA Champions League Major League playoffs;
  • 13 winners of the "Main Way" quarter. playoff stage;
  • eight winners of the “Way of Champions” quarter playoff stage.

Europa League group stage 2019 - 2020: which teams will take part in the tournament?

Currently, teams from 17 European football associations have booked participation in the group round of the 49th season of LE:

  • Spain (La Liga) - Seville, Getafe;
  • England (Premier League) - Manchester United., Arsenal;
  • Italy (Series-A) - Milan, Lazio;
  • Germany (Bundesliga) - Wolfsburg, Borussia (Mönchengladbach);
  • France (Ligue 1) - Saint-Etienne, Rennes;
  • Russia (RFPL) - CSKA Moscow (Moscow);
  • Portugal (Super League) - Sporting (Lisbon);
  • Ukraine (Ukrainian Premier League) - Alexandria;
  • Belgium (1st Division) - Mechelen;
  • Turkey (Turkish Super League) - Besiktas;
  • Austria (Austrian Bundesliga) - Wolfsberg;
  • Switzerland (Swiss Super League) - Lugano.

Vouchers to the group stage of LE 2019-2020 for these teams were successful performances in national Cups and the standings of national football championships, in which the listed clubs took third to fifth positions.

The remaining participants in the group stage of the competition will become known after the completion of the qualifying cycle of the Europa League 2019-2020, which takes place from July to August 2019.

As for the Russian club “delegation” in the upcoming tournament, “Ufa”, “Spartak”, “Krasnodar” and the current champion of the Premier League - St. Petersburg “Zenith”, which traditionally demonstrate decent results in the European cup arena, can get into it at different stages of the draw.

Calendar LE 2019 - 2020: when will the official match schedule be announced?

As mentioned earlier, the detailed schedule of the games of the 49th season of the Europa League will be made public only after the completion of the qualification stage and the draw, which will be held on August 30, 2019 in Monaco (France).

As for the group stage of LE 2019-2020, the first round of the championship starts on 09/19/2019, and the final match is scheduled for 05/27/2020. The full calendar of the group part of the tournament and the playoff matches is as follows:

  • group round - 1st round: 09/19/2019; 2nd round: 10/03/2019; 3rd round: 10.24.2019; 4th round: 11/07/2019; 5th round: 11/28/2019; 6th round: 12/12/2019;
  • playoffs (relegation matches) - 1/32 finals: 02/20/2020 (first matches) / 02/27/2020 (return matches); 1/16 finals: 03/12/2010 (first matches) / 03/19/2020 (games played); 1/8 final: 04/09/2020 (first matches) / 04/16/2020 (played matches); 1/4 finals: 04/30/2020 (first matches) / 05/07/2020 (relegated matches);
  • The final of the 49th Europa League Cup draw is 05/27/2020.

The distribution of teams in groups: the draw of LE 2019-2020

Teams that have completed the entire qualifying round of the Europa League 2019-2020 will be distributed among the baskets, each of which will contain four tournament participants.

All 12 groups will be formed during the preliminary UEFA draw, which, as mentioned above, will be held on 08/30/2019 in French Monaco.

After the completion of the group round of the tournament in Nyon (Switzerland), the 1/16 final draw will be held. The date of this event is scheduled for December 16, 2019. The draw for the 1/8 finals of the LE 2019-2020 Cup is scheduled for 02/28/2020, and the final distribution of clubs in pairs of 1/4 and 1/2 finals is scheduled for 03/20/2020. The venue for these events will also be the Swiss Nyon.

The results of the draw will be published on the Russian version of the site of the Union of European Football Associations -

Where and when will the Europa League final 2019-2020 take place?

According to information published on the UEFA official website, the climax of the 49th league cup draw will take place in Poland. The venue for the final duel of the two strongest teams of the tournament will be the 50,000th Arena-Gdansk Arena, located in the city of the same name.
The stadium chosen by UEFA officials has hosted major international tournaments for the first time. At the opening in 2011, IC Energa-Gdansk four fights were played within the framework of Euro 2012, including a quarterfinal match with the participation of the national teams of Germany and Greece.
Recall that the final match of the second most popular European competition will take place on May 27, 2020.

Watch the video: Uefa Europa League 201920 group stage draw LIVE & Reaction (January 2020).

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