Stencils for windows for the New Year 2020 for cutting A4 size

The times are over when the windows were decorated only with cute snowflakes made of paper and patterns of toothpaste. Now the decor is so diverse and intricate that it is difficult to list all its variations and some can even be called a work of art. Snowflakes still flaunt on some windows, like classic elements, but increasingly they become only part of a complex composition. So, we collect a collection of A4 stencils on windows for the New Year 2020 for cutting and learn different tricks to create paper hoarfrost at home!

History of a tympanum Where modern snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas trees come from

Homeland vytynanka - Ancient China. There paperwork was called intricately - "Jianzhi." Cutting out paper was only within the means of wealthy people, whose wallets had enough funds to pay for such an expensive, unseen thing like paper. Of course, how to cut openwork patterns did not spread too much, especially kept secrets from strangers. But it is impossible to always keep a secret, so after a while a beautiful hobby became known outside of China and this was facilitated by the declassification of paper technology.

Meanwhile, there was something similar, also among the Scythians. It is known that some representatives of this people were able to decorate their saddles with beautiful patterns, and also found this decor on clothes. They made a pattern directly on the skin: one piece of material was used as a stencil, applied to the desired surface and applied hot coals, or a stone with a flat face. As a result, these tan marks formed an ornament - a peculiar tympanum.

In the period between the XVI-XIX centuries, the art of the populace and our Slavic countries has reached. However, in the middle of the 20th century, as a result of urbanization, this art almost disappeared. Only at the end of the century did people begin to recall openwork patterns made of paper. Gradually, more and more people began to get involved in them, but not as a form of applied art, but only as a decorative work.

Modern application of paper decor

Using snowflakes for windows is old, now New Year's cutouts are used more widely, and there can be many elements in one composition. Consider what can be decorated with paper openwork:

  • window;
  • windowsills (volumetric elements are used);
  • furniture;
  • fixtures (as a mobile);
  • Christmas tree
  • walls (put in a frame).

Where to begin? How to download and print A4 stencils

It all starts with an idea. Think about what decorative elements should be on your window, in which room, on what area of ​​glass, in what order they should be located. Choose your favorite option and save it to your home computer:

  • click on the picture with the right mouse button;
  • select the option “save image as”;
  • In the window that opens, specify where to save the image.

If you want the image to be larger than downloaded, then the size can be changed, for example, in the simplest built-in application "Paint". Also, with the help of the program you can split a large picture into fragments if you want to create a cutout for the whole window or half. Do paper printing on plain printer paper.

Children's coloring can also turn into a ball. Take a pencil and paint on the details so that the resulting drawing can be cut out and it will not break up into fragments.

What tools will be needed to work on creating a composition in honor of the year of the Rat

It is necessary to collect the most basic tools and keep them away from children, as there is a danger of cutting yourself. What is needed:

  • breadboard knife for cutting;

Check that the blade of the knife does not “walk”, otherwise cut the picture in the wrong place.

  • interchangeable blades;
  • scissors for paper and separate for adhesive tape;
  • mat to protect the table from the knife;
  • metal ruler (if there are parts with smooth lines for cutting);
  • box for collecting finished items;
  • a simple pencil;
  • tweezers;
  • adhesive tape (for fixing several sheets for cutting).
  • paper.

Of course, this list is far from complete and is designed for a beginner. You can work with colored paper, plain A4 white, with different textures and even with kraft cardboard. If you want the creation to shine, then use spray paint with a shine.

Cutting process. How to create an openwork composition with houses, balls and mice

For children, suggest that you cut out a simple picture with a small amount of detail, such as a house. Take on something more openwork yourself. Sequencing:

  1. Put the template on the board. Fasten the tape around the edges so that the pattern does not move out.
  2. With a simple pencil, shade those parts that need to be cut inside the composition.
  3. Start cutting parts in the center from the smallest to the largest with a breadboard or clerical knife.
  4. Use tweezers to separate and clean the cut parts.
  5. Remove the tape and cut out the figure or pattern. For this, it is most convenient to use scissors.
  6. If you intend to use the picture as a stencil for subsequent application of paint, then paste over each detail with tape and then the template can be used several more times.

Create a composition for the living room. Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and numbers 2020

Often, the celebration of the New Year takes place in the largest room of a house or apartment, and it is also decorated in a special, magnificent and solemn manner. We’ll think about how you can decorate the living room with the help of protrusions.

Decorate the windowIn the center put a congratulatory inscription and the main magician of the festive night, along with his granddaughter. In the upper left corner stick an angel on a cloud. Small and medium snowflakes pour out from his hands. Stick houses at the bottom of the window.
Decorate the windowsillGlue the tucks with houses, Christmas trees, snowmen and deer on cardboard boxes for stability. Arrange the figures on the windowsill, decorate with a garland, artificial snow, tinsel.
Decorate furniture, mirror.Fix the vytytanka, (snowflakes, bells, asterisks, mittens) on the fishing line to form a garland. It is possible to form both vertical and horizontal stretch marks.
Decorate the Christmas tree.Cut a small punch out of thick white cardboard. Stick on a paper base in the form of a Christmas ball. Use different colors to create a contrast decoration. In order for the other decorations to be made in the same style, but different from each other, change the colors of the base ball and the figures in the center, but the size should be the same.

How to glue cut pictures and how to remove

There are several different means by which stick-outs are glued. Their main purpose is to securely fix crafts on the window so that no draft can tear paper from the glass. It is also important that the product was easily accessible, applied well and most importantly - it was easily removed and did not leave any traces that would be difficult to remove. Consider the most popular options.

MeansHow to applyWhat to wash off
Adhesive paper pencilApply the crafts on a dry surface.Spray water from a spray bottle, wait a few minutes, then scrape it with a plastic spatula. Wash off the residue with soapy water.
A thick solution of white bar soapApply to a sponge or brush. Lightly touch the protrusion and push it to the glass.Remove with a damp cloth.
KefirApply with a brush or sponge to the notch, attach to the window.Rinse with cool water and ammonia.
Transparent adhesive tape one-sided and double-sidedCut into small strips, 1-1.5 cm wide, stick to 3-4 dry and fat-free glass surfaces.Means No. 1. Using a sponge, apply vegetable oil to paper residues and traces. Leave for a day. Remove all that remains with a dry cloth. Means number 2. Moisten a cloth with any alcohol-containing liquid and wipe the surface thoroughly.
PastePour half a cup of flour with hot water. Stir to make the lumps disappear. To achieve the consistency of sour cream. Apply to the protrusions with light movements, with a thin layer.Wash off with warm water and soap.

Be sure to consider the density of the paper from which the craft is made. So if you made tiny snowflakes from a napkin, then they will stay on the glass on the simplest adhesive - water or milk. If, for example, printer paper was used, then this option will not work - the figures will disappear under their own weight. In this case, a soap solution is suitable.

Make sure that the soap used does not contain components that are unnecessary for this purpose, such as cream. Only ordinary soap is suitable for household needs.

Toothpaste is another, quite effective tool, but not for very transparent and thin crafts with a lot of fragile details. For gluing, they select a paste that does not have any colored impregnations, because they can be seen through the paper. A noticeable advantage of this tool is that the hostess will not have to make any special efforts after the holiday, when she will need to wash the window from New Year's decorations.

Another purpose of toothpaste is the paint of Santa Claus. If the real frost could not depict its patterns on glass, then there is a suitable alternative for it - decorating with tooth powder, or paste. How to simulate frost:

  1. Harvest white or bluish pasta. Squeeze a small portion in a saucer and dilute with water to get a liquid with a density similar to sour cream.
  2. Dip the tympanum in water and press it against the glass. The figure must lie flat, so carefully straighten all its parts. Wipe off excess fluid with a soft cloth.
  3. Limit the area of ​​the picture by sticking the part of the glass that you want to leave transparent with any paper.
  4. Take a brush or sponge and dip in a paste solution. If you use a brush, then spray it around the picture. If a sponge is used, then apply the solution pointwise, do not cure.
  5. Wait for the solution to dry and remove the protrusion.

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