2020 is a leap year or not

2020 is approaching, and many curious people have not yet had time to figure out whether it will be a leap or not. A lot of signs and superstitions are connected with this, rooted in the dark pagan past. For the most part, this phenomenal cycle causes superstitious citizens a great fear, and it is customary to expect that all sorts of misfortunes will pour on the head within 12 months. But is it really so?

How many days in 2020

We’ll answer right away that 2020 will be a leap year. Perhaps everyone knows that in this year the number of days differs from the classical norm. But not everyone knows exactly what this difference is. So, unlike the standard year, there are not 365 days in a leap year, but February 29, which is 366 days in total. That is, one day more than everyone is used to.

In 2020, the calendar year will consist of 366 days, since it will be added on February 29.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with a leap year, and all the beliefs associated with it have no scientific justification. For everything to go well and things to go together, you need to look at the problems with optimism, and never lose heart. And let the "spare" day of the year serve as an additional reason for joy.

Historical facts

The Julian calendar was created in 45 BC, with the direct participation of the Roman emperor Guy Julius Caesar. On his orders, astronomers led by Sozigen conducted a detailed study of the astronomical year. As a result, the thinkers of Alexandria reached the point that each year is 365 days and 6 hours. From January 1, 45, this calculus came into force, but 6 hours had to be "attached" somehow. To equalize this six-hour shift, an innovation was introduced. As a result, for 36 consecutive months it was assumed that the cycle is 365 days, and the hours accumulated during this time were carried over to the fourth period. An additional February 29th was attached, absorbing the missing days, collected by simple calculation.

Leap Year Calendar

Until 2000After 2000

Folk superstitions

In terms of superstitions, the Russian people have always been talented, however, for a non-standard leap year, people's imagination gave birth to more negative prejudices. Fortune-telling fortunes so beloved in Russia were considered unacceptable during this period, as they could incur trouble and turn into misfortune.

Carols, implying flirting with evil spirits, and dressing in devils, were also prohibited due to the danger of such entertainment. If someone planned to put a bath, the construction was postponed for 12 months. If possible, you do not need to move to a new apartment, as it is not worth changing the place of work.

Divorce was recognized as an act fraught with dark consequences. The people indicate that a woman divorced in a leap year may never marry again. To avoid this, you can use the conspiracy. You need to buy a towel in advance, go to church, give it to the women in charge of the cleanliness of the temple, and ask a family angel for help.

The threat to the crop in a leap year can be eliminated if it is secured in time. In the spring, while landing, it is necessary to say in the affirmative that no one is going to die this year, but everyone is waiting for a good harvest. Herbs must be collected with a verdict calling on nature to leave everything bad at home, and letting the collector take only the good. It’s a bad idea to sell cattle, give animals from the house, and even get rid of kittens.

For someone who went to prison, a ritual must be performed: relatives visit the temple, put candles in front of the three icons, and at the exit from the church they say that with the departure of this year their relative will return home. It is not customary to leave home for a long time without saying a word in advance about a successful return.

Signs of a leap year

At different times, regardless of the ancient or modern, people believe in signs, and succumb to various superstitions. They were born out of human fears, observation of nature, and simply idle speculation.

  • The first thunder heard in a leap year is a signal to overshadow themselves with a cross and to list all the members of the family in prayer.
  • In such a year, it is not customary to invite guests when the first tooth comes out of a child, supposedly, the teeth may be diseased.
  • Pregnant women were forbidden to cut their hair in order to maintain the health of the baby.
  • It is a bad omen to marry and get married if there are 366 days in a year. In order not to frighten off luck, you can not tell anyone about your plans.
  • For a man born this year, fate promises to be happy. And if the birthday came on February 29th, then such a lucky one will be able to foresee the future.
  • To attract good luck to the house, new slippers are purchased, and old ones are burned on the night of December 31. At the same time, during the burning, it is necessary to condemn that, together with slippers, everything bad is burned.

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