Weekends and holidays in 2020 in Russia

Many connect the onset of a leap year with superstitions, expect bad news, events, catastrophes from him. However, as usual, for most it will be a normal time period with its joys and sorrows. It will be filled with workdays, holidays and weekends. Based on the preliminary production calendar, we can conclude that in 2020 there will be 248 working days and 118 days off, including 8 holidays. In total, instead of the usual 365 days a year, in 2020 there will be 366.

Official Holidays and Holidays

The fact that 2020 is a leap year has no effect on public holidays. No holidays will be canceled or added. Even three hundred and sixty-sixth day, December 31st, will fall on Thursday and will be a normal working day. The only difference is that working time will be reduced by one hour, filled with the smell of tangerines, expectation of a miracle, hopes and joy.

All-Russian holidays in 2020, according to tradition, will be eight:

  • The first is celebrated on January 1, it will fall on Wednesday.
  • In just 6 days, on January 7, the Russians will celebrate Christmas.
  • The next red date is dedicated to the defenders of the Fatherland. Men will be congratulated on Sunday, February 23.
  • On the last day of the week, March 8, decorated with flowers and smiles, will fall.
  • Residents of Russia in May are waiting for 2 holidays. Spring and Labor Day is celebrated on the first day of May. A week later, on May 9, cities, villages will be decorated with banners, portraits of people who gave their lives for the Victory. On a solemn day, residents will be able to watch parades and concerts dedicated to the strength of the people.
  • The busy first half of the year will end with Russia Day, celebrated on June 12. After this, Russians will have a long summer and almost a whole autumn without official holidays. Only November 4 will come the turn of National Unity Day. It will be the last public holiday of 2020.

Many regions celebrate official holidays. They are associated with important historical dates, events, religious festivals.

Holiday calendar for 2020

Thanks to the features of the calendar, the adopted transfer rules, you can enjoy six long weekends. Total national red dates will be eight. In the regions, their celebrations are additionally introduced, accompanied by relaxation.

In 2020, Russia expects 248 working days and 118 days off.

Weekend in Russia

In total in 2020, people whose work schedule is based on a five-day week will rest 118 days. This number includes holidays, Saturdays, Sundays. Especially the Russians enjoy the so-called long weekend. They appear when the official red date falls on Saturday, Sunday or the day adjacent to them - Friday or Monday.

An accurate production calendar will be formed in the third quarter of 2019. Only on the basis of the relevant Government Decree will it be possible to determine the exact number of days off. According to preliminary information, residents of Russia are waiting for several long days off:

  • New Year holidays will last 8 days, from the first to the eighth of January. Perhaps the two additional days that fell on January 4 and 5 will be postponed to the May holidays.
  • In February, Russians are waiting for 3 days off at the end of the month - from 22 to 24.
  • In March, the same number of days of rest will fall on the 7th-9th.
  • Previously, in early May, a break from work will be possible from the 1st to the 4th day. You can enjoy the same number of days in freedom, in spring, on warm days from May 9 to 12.
  • In the next month after May, the inhabitants of Russia will rest for another 3 days - from June 12 to 14.

According to preliminary information, there will be no longer long weekends until the end of 2020.

Transfer of holidays and weekends

The specificity of the holiday calendar is the possibility of transferring days of rest if the official red dates coincide with Saturday or Sunday. In this case, the government takes measures to optimize working time. This allows you to make the holidays a little longer, employees to relax longer, work more efficiently.

The transfer of the weekend in 2020 will be subject to several rules:

  • If there is one working day between Sunday and the holiday, it is postponed to Saturday;
  • If the official holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, additional rest can be provided on any other day, including Monday.

Following these rules will allow you to get a few extra days off: February 24, March 9, May 11. There will probably be two more: May 4 and 12. They can be rescheduled from the first January Saturday and Sunday. If this happens, the year will be unique - with 5 transfers. Usually there are only three of them. If the government decides not to postpone January 4, 5, the Russians are waiting for a twelve-day January vacation.

Shortened days in 2020

In addition to holidays and weekends, the Russian calendar also has shortened days. Working hours will decrease by one hour. They are preceded only by red dates. For example, before the first, workers will work less on April 30, before May 9 - May 8.

Reduced working hours will also be:

  • on the eve of Russia Day - June 11;
  • before the Day of National Unity - November 3;
  • on the eve of the New Year celebrations - December 31.

The following rule is important - if the red number falls on Sunday, then on Friday working hours will not be reduced.

That is why in 2020 there will be no shortened days on February 21 and March 6.

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