All predictions for Ukraine for 2020

Many predictors and astrologers singled out a very mystical combination of numbers of 2020 as decisive for the fate of our planet. It was he who was destined to become in many respects a turning point, bringing revolutionary changes and a radical revision of the paradigm in which we had lived all this time.

Well, while other nations cautiously look to the future, Ukrainians, out of habit, look into it with inescapable optimism, because belief in our lucky star and monstrous unsinkability is in our mentality.

Behind the election year is extremely difficult and eventful for Ukraine, much has changed and much more is destined to be turned upside down. Well, let's hope that all of this is for the best. In the meantime, we will get support and advice, sacred knowledge about what awaits us in 2020, from the most famous clairvoyants, psychics and astrologers of the planet.

Vanga Prophecies

Vanga paid much less attention to Ukraine, of course, than, first, the USSR as a whole, and then its successor, Russia. Largely, probably because her rapids were encircled, for the most part, by immigrants from there. However, she also said something about our future. For example, she owns the famous phrase that in 2019-2020 "an honest and decent person will come to the Ukrainian land, whose people will be called Sagittarius."

He will take the filthy broom of all the oligarchs and officials, put an end to the division of power and wealth, and it is from his reign that the prosperity of the Ukrainians will begin. Well, whether the current president is destined to become just such a person in history - time will tell.

Astrological forecast of Pavel Globa

By 2020, one of the cult astrologers of our time, the founder of his own school of astrological teachings and a well-known public figure, Pavel Globa, once expressed the opinion that Crimea would drift to Turkey, leaving the unkind Russian shores and failing to overcome the hyperbolic pride in order to return to Ukraine.

This, of course, is part of historical justice, because under the Ottomans this land was a very long time and many of its cultural and religious traditions are connected precisely with the Islamic world. It is interesting that at the same time, all Caucasians of a similar faith, who do not agree with the Kremlin’s policies and want a more natural environment for themselves, will move to the hospitable Crimean coast. But the Slavs of Crimea will replenish the population of Ukrainian cities and weights.

Matrona Moscow

Specifically in Ukraine, the Matron of Moscow, the blind saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, famous for its healing and prophetic talent, for 2020 did not leave forecasts. However, she predicted a global conflict of the Cunning and God's power, in which the Slavs were assigned a victorious role. Perhaps it is precisely her words that indirectly confirm some of the predictions of Nostradamus.

Did Nostradamus say anything

The Ukrainian future in quatrains of Nostradamus seems very interesting. Although not easy. As you know, he predicted a great Muslim-Christian war in the region of 2020, but you will not find a single mention of Ukraine in his notes on this subject.

Which, of course, is wonderful. However, it is from us, starting from the coming year, that the unification of Catholics and Orthodox Christians will begin, which will lead to a spiritual transformation and purification of the planet. The Ukrainian church is destined to become the peacemaker who can reconcile the warring parties and stop the bellicose expansion.

Edgar Cayce

When Edgar Cayce, the famous American doctor, the same "sleeping prophet", made his visionary predictions, the name "Ukraine" did not exist on the political map of the world - it seems he always considered the collective future for all the peoples of the former USSR, intentionally calling them "Russia", since he knew in advance that even before the beginning of the 21st century, the Union would fall apart.

Consequently, it is possible to transfer a number of his prophecies to Ukraine-Russia, especially given that some of them for the modern Russian state are just excluded, as an opportunity, in principle. But for us they are very likely.

As an example, one can cite his words that “the hope of peace will come from here. And it will be guided by friendship with the people on whose banknotes it says“ We believe in God. ”It is clear that talking about Russian friendship with Americans is somehow ridiculous But Ukraine uses this fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation very successfully.

He also said that changes are coming, hailing from these lands for the whole planet - a kind of revolution in religion, which will be based on the ideas of Christ, will not be communism by letter, however, in essence. Most likely, this refers to the religious unifying and equalizing force. However, given how aggressive Russia is now in politics, it is most likely here also about Ukraine, which is ready to consolidate its Christian denominations and transmit these ideas to all of Europe, and then to the whole Earth - in a peaceful and natural way.

Wolf Messing

You should not think of one of the greatest mentalists in the history of mankind, Wolfe Messing, as a provincial fortuneteller who entertains the public by stamping annual forecast digests. Indeed, this man saw a lot that was hidden from view, but mainly his lifetime predictions concerned the fate of the people he met, his contemporaries, and some specific events in the very near future. However, that layer of hoaxes and frankly popularizing lies erected, as they say, everything that did not exist, and could not be a priori.

Often, for his prophecies they accept when joking, when - shocking, statements at performances: as an amazing talent, the artist Messing knew how to keep the audience in suspense, position it to himself and set it in the right way in an ideal way. So, for example, many charge him, based on a joke on a tour in Uzhgorod, that he accused the Ukrainians of striving to unleash the Third World War.

Then the events of military hard times were still very fresh in memory, and the public asked the prophet if he saw the next war? He replied that no matter how you wish, this will not happen! Humor from the series “How do you feel? - Do not wait!”, If you understand what we are talking about. And much more like that ...

Even Wolf Grigoryevich once threw a phrase that because of a piece of territory there will be a big trouble in a big country, after which the world will be destroyed. This, too, Ukrainophobes love to drag into the Crimean annexation and the events in the Donbass, after in Russia it really became all the glory of God.

However, it is worth remembering that he did not say this as a prophecy at all - this is a quote in the context of a discussion of his opinion on the Caribbean crisis, after which the Cold War began. And the unleashed arms race and the struggle for hegemony in the world between the USA and the USSR ultimately led to natural devastation in the latter and its fall.

Predictions from Vera Lyon

Vera Lyon is known for her hostile attitude towards Ukraine, so it would be difficult to expect from her forecasts at least something optimistic for us. In her opinion, there will be several more referenda on federalization, the Lev Tsar will take over the Donbass territories (who, alas, the clairvoyant does not specify).

And she saw Kolomoisky’s death on Easter, however, for some reason, she believes that this has already happened and refuses to believe when the facts are shown to her. Maybe the future mixed with the past in her visions - who knows ... And, finally, the last of what Vera Vitalyevna said: Ukraine will actively promote the clairvoyant impostor - a direct competitor and antagonist of the soothsayer herself. However, that is a continuous product of propaganda. So here it is ...

Tamara Globa and her astro forecast

Tamara Globa extrapolates the general astrological picture of the global crisis to Ukraine in 2020. She believes that right now we are at the very epicenter of global perestroika, the main stage of which will be completed no later than the end of the coming year.

Apparently, nationality dictates to the well-known astrologer that relations between Russians and Ukrainians are about to improve, and on conditions favorable to Russia. Why, of course, our fellow citizens treat you with well-known skepticism.

Vasilisa Volodina

Vasilisa Volodina, a certified and successfully practicing astrologer today, often mentions the future of Ukrainians in her forecasts. For example, she sees a good arrangement of stars to solve the Donbass crisis in 2020, however, in her economy and the well-being of people, no progress for the better has been expected so far, in her opinion.

Mainly because external financing will run out, and the favorable climate for investment will not yet be enough to fully compensate for losses.

Vlad Ross and his forecast

Forecasts at the extraordinary pace of recent growth in Odessa astrologer Vlad Ross are very optimistic and uplifting: he believes that closer to the end of 2020, the idea will be formed of the need to revive Kievan Rus, which is destined to unite all East Slavic peoples under its leadership.

The Ukrainian Church will become completely independent of Moscow and will begin its missionary activity in Eastern Europe, extending the hand of friendship and cooperation of the Catholic Church and, as a result, contributing to the global unification of all Christians into a single whole.

With the economy, however, it will still be far from rosy, according to the astrologer. However, this will no longer be a journey through a protracted crisis, a gap in which you can’t see, but rather the beginning of a rapid rise in the country's welfare. The conflict with the separatists will finally disappear, the country will find the strength for its further development, investments and new technologies will come here thanks to fruitful cooperation with Europe and America.

Psychics about 2020 in Ukraine

By 2020, the opinions of a motley fraternity of psychics disagree. Who, like Sergey Lavrentyuk, the winner of the 4th Battle of psychics, believes that Ukraine will ultimately remain integral, but very soon, not only in the now problematic territories of Crimea and Donbass, but conflicts will also thunder in all others.

And who, as a healer and philosopher from Kharkov, promises the collapse of the European Union in 2020-2021 and, accordingly, Ukraine’s rejection of hopes of becoming a part of the European family of nations, as well as Ukraine’s split into parts, the plight of the western regions and the help of the East (apparently he does not know that there is still war ...).

But the passionate peacemaking influence of Russia will lead to the fact that all Ukrainian lands will be in its composition before the end of 2021. The Baltic states will also go there. And he, by the way, is supported by the winner of the 3rd Battle of psychics Mehdi Ebragimi-Wafa - an Iranian from Russia.

Predictions of the Molfars of the Hutsul region, and in particular of Mr. Sorokhmanyuk, agree that only a mother at the head of the people will help Ukraine to bloom. True, at first a woman will be declared in power, who is a lady only outwardly, and inside her a true man is hiding, and she will call to put up with enemies and quarrel with friends.

And this will be the wrong way. However, later Ukrainians will understand what they need and will come to a better life. This opinion largely overlaps with the forecasts of Alena Kurilova, another participant in the Battle of psychics. In addition, she believes that only by the middle of 2020 there will be at least some growth in the Ukrainian economy.

In fact, to list all the prophecies and predictions known today, both from famous personalities and from beginning psychics, it will take a lot of time. However, today we told you about the most striking and, in our opinion, interesting. And it remains only to wish all Ukrainians that only positive forecasts come true for them, and all the bad for our country and each of its inhabitants, in particular, is finally left in the past!

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