Updated Land Rover Defender 2020 model year

One of the most unique cars in the world, which can be safely entered in the Guinness Book of Records, as the longest waiting for its second generation, but at the same time not interrupting release. And also as a champion in the number of existing modifications, limited versions, reasons for styling creativity of different studios. This is not surprising, because when we say "LAND ROVER Defender", we suspect quality and reliability. Well, and vice versa, perhaps ...

It is simple and straightforward, and until recently it was problematic to find some refined style, the desire to keep up with car fashion and prestige, and the like. A sort of domestic "Niva" only the British spill, and, of course, not an example of better and more comfortable.

In 2020, finally, Jaguar Land Rover will venture to serial production of the second generation, whose prototype will debut in 2019. And which is believed to take a lot from the DC100 concept.

Everything will be new in the car - from the style of appearance to the techie. But one thing remains unchanged: it will still be the same Defender that has become an unshakable icon in the off-road genre.

True, despite the fact that in the advertising campaign it is presented as a “revival of a legend” and a “worthy heir”, the creators themselves publicly declare: “We are creating a car of the future. That will become the definition of the name Land Rover for many years to come!” .

Design and construction

As you know, all the old "defectors" were distinguished by their straightforward cubic design, bulkiness, massiveness, and seemed to be cut down from the rock. It seems that the new owners of the company still managed to get the brand a little bit down to marketing research and watch the competitors, very often flaunting a very stylish appearance, streamlined aerodynamics and other chips for the grudge of the day.

Thanks to this, Defender will turn from a favorite of rescuers, farmers and the military “workhorse” into a very fashionable dandy, however, it has not completely lost such an important utility. But, nevertheless, with a mass of easily recognizable corporate features.

For the second generation, they will take a completely new lightweight platform made of aluminum PLA (Premium Lightweight Architecture), which it will share with the new Discovery, create a supporting aluminum body that allows to implement a number of advanced ideas for passive safety and much more advanced geometry. At the same time, they plan to produce both a short-base and an elongated version, with three or five doors.

Judging by the test mule, lit up on the roads of Ireland, he has a double exhaust on the left, and the rear door hinges opens to the side. You can also see the full-size spare tire on it, but the lighting is very masked, even though the rounded outlines of the headlights - another tribute to the classics - can be traced.

Despite being very revolutionary, as for this model, the body lines retained the notorious sharp tilt of the windshield and the flat surface of the side windows, so that the continuity of generations was also not neglected. Which, of course, will please fans of Defender's classic style. They will leave ventilation openings behind the front wheel arches, and the radiator grille seems to be very miniature.

Equipment and interior

As for equipment and interior, it is expected that the rude simplicity of the old "defenders" will be replaced by restrained luxury, accuracy and presentability of finishing materials. Details, as well as specific photos, have not yet slipped on the network, but the fact that the same people are working on it all that were developing the new Evoque already says a lot.

The latest active safety technologies, exploiting the latest version of AI, which JLR is so proud of, will not drop the flag of the 5 stars traditional for this model, and will make driving even more comfortable and secure.

Of course, in the production model, as in DC100, sonars for forcing ponds and Terrain-i scanners that read traffic conditions in 3D are unlikely to be met. Although, this is not excluded - in the upcoming special version with the most powerful off-road characteristics.

However, in any case, they realize the perfect sealing of the cabin. As well as the Terrain Response system, which is now installed on all updates of the model range of this manufacturer, which automatically adjusts the components and assemblies, their operation modes to the current road surface.


The machine will retain the widest choice of power units - everything is completely new and very promising. Of course, there will be a plug-in hybrid, and they are even considering a purely electric version, which has now become a very real opportunity thanks to the use of the new platform.

A variety of powerful four- and six-cylinder engines on diesel and gasoline are expected. The rest of the new Defender should expect the following:

  • soft 48V hybrid in all electrified versions;
  • two-liter turbocharged engines for different types of fuel, including adapted for plug-in hybrid and soft hybrid versions;
  • permanent all-wheel drive with center differential and intelligent locking system.

It is possible that a little later three exclusive modifications will appear: an even more off-road SVX, the most “charged” SVR and a luxury version of SVAutobiography.

Moreover, company representatives insist that now they are preparing the whole Defender family, and not just one updated SUV. And its starting price, judging by the British saying, should be somewhere at around 40 thousand pounds for a short version.

Land Rover Defender 2020: photos

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