Movie Bad Boys 3 (2020)

I would like to call this article: “They are coming back” ... Or “Bad guys forever!”. But something similar has already been done by Columbia Pictures together with Jerry Brukheimer Films, giving the pre-production title "Bad Boys for Life". And, therefore, we are again waiting for the extremely ridiculous adventures of two brides as being in the same harness of cool policemen.

It will be all that good old, traditional “black”, in every sense, comedy, where we, along with the heroes, will experience all the action-packed moments, monitor their difficult relationships and other main franchise features.

Recall, this is the third film since the release of “Bad Guys” in 1995, when we first heard the crown: “Whatcha gonna do?”. Eight years later, they released the second part about the detectives of the drug department in Miami. Both paintings have long been recognized classics of the comedy police action movie. And now, at the beginning of 2020, they promise to please us with a legal continuation.


  • Release date: January 17, 2020
  • A country: USA
  • Genre: comedy thriller

Of course, the raft in nuances has not yet been reported. Still - this is not a remake of anything, and not a film adaptation of a work or even a movie saga based on a comic book, when you can at least predict something from the development of events. However, if we assume that a sweet couple of brave policemen will have to investigate something there again (necessarily very important, complex and extremely dangerous!), Save someone (either very beautiful and of the opposite sex, or touching young - it doesn’t matter which one, although Derrick Gilbert in the caste suggests, frankly speaking, thoughts ...) and there is something to prevent (naturally, something that someone might suffer from. Or even all at once. Up to national security!), We won’t be mistaken even once!

Recall that the joke of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowry (Will Smith: I, Robot 2) was that they are very different. A playboy and an exemplary family man ... A young reveler and daddy burdened with three children ... Well, the classics are thin-long and thick-short, of course, almost followed - not without that. Of course, all this to further emphasize the paradox of their duet. I wonder what happened in their fate over the years? Maybe Lowry got a trailer? Or did Marcus’s children grow up and he went all out?

Although actually there are a couple of hints from the creators ... Get ready, it will be spoiled now! Marcus in the third part completely quarreled with Lowry, retired and became a private detective. And here is Lowry ... This is in the midst of a middle-aged crisis and now he is already playing the role of a mentally hardened senior mentor for a young and confident partner.

However, the matter is so confusing and complicated that Mike cannot and does not want to trust his new colleague, because he has to face an Albanian mercenary - cruel and very dangerous - whose brother a couple of detectives once killed. Naturally, he wants to take revenge on them, and Lowry has no choice but to ask Burnett for help again ...

Although, of course, any plot twists and turns will not prevent them from remaining effective in investigating crimes and revealing the enemy’s tricky plans. Although, of course, it would be fun to look again at how they figure out personal relationships during operations ...

Camera crew and cast

The director of the first two parts, Michael Bay, who once presented us with such best-selling books as Armageddon, all the series Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Rock, Island, and Blood and Sweat: Anabolics, he doesn’t see the windows in his schedule in order to take up the continuation of “Bad Guys,” but he assured that by the fourth series, he will definitely come up with something, and we will again see the fruits of his work.

Now the master will be replaced by the tandem of promising and very talented Belgians Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fall, directors of the rating series "Snowfall", as well as the tapes "Image" and "Black". The script for this comedy thriller will be written by Chris Bremner, with the participation of Anthony Tambakis (Warrior, Brothers, etc.).

In the credits, in the first place, of course, will be Smith Will, whose one appearance in them already makes the film a box office. With “Bad Guys” his career almost once began, and all these years he spoke very frankly about the franchise. And in the comedic talent of this actor, people who watched his People in Black, Focus, Removal Rules: The Hitch Method, as well as Made in America and, of course, his debut performance Prince of Beverly Hills, don't doubt it. His screen partner, as always, will be Martin Lawrence - the star of Diamond Policeman, National Security, Nothing to Lose, and Big Mom’s House. Also in the cast are declared novice actress Emily Towels and young Darrick Gilbert, who has already managed to make his mark in the mini-series "The Long Way Home" and the movie "Price".

Movie Facts

  • The fact that the sequel is coming is the first to be revealed in 2013 by actor Martin Lawrence in an interview with Conan O'Brien.
  • Since the last part has passed ... 17 years!
  • The first two parts are famous, among other things, for their gorgeous soundtrack, for which they recorded their compositions, including Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dog and Jay-Z.
  • The first part was nominated by the MTV Movie Awards for "The Most Spectacular Episode" and "The Perfect Acting Duet."
  • The budget of the first part paid off more than seven times, and the second ... only doubled.
  • For Will Smith, this trilogy (well, while it is still a trilogy) will be the second on the track record. The first was Men in Black.
  • Joe Carnahan was to become not only a screenwriter after David Guggenheim, who left the project, but also a director, but he also could not stand such a long wait and left him.

At the moment, unfortunately, official trailers or teasers from the filmmakers have not yet been submitted.

Watch the video: BAD BOYS 3: For Life Trailer 2020 (January 2020).

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