Movie Wii 3: Travel to India (2020)

This mystical fantasy will spawn the Sino-Russian-Hindu community. Moreover, the film promises to be, if not too exciting in its plot, then at least to surprise the selection of actors (more on this sensation in more detail later!), As well as the expected good 3D effects.

The tape is destined to continue the cross-national franchise "Wii", which began with the continuation of the classic picture of 1967 with Natalia Varley and Leonid Kuravlev. In 2011, “Wii 3D”, which narrated about Jonathan Green, a cartographer from England traveling in Eastern Europe with the aim of studying and creating maps of these lands, was warmly received by the Russian public, presenting an excellent selection of actors in the person of Valery Zolotukhin, Lev Durov, Nina Ruslanova and others.

His events take place a year later, described in N. Gogol’s novel “Viy”, and the prototype of the main character was a real person - Guillaume Levasser de Beauplan, author of the book “From Transylvania to Muscovy”, who lived in the territory of modern Ukraine for many years in the 17th century.

The second film of 2018 continued the wanderings of Jonathan Green - now in the Far East and the territory of modern China: Peter the Great sends him to map those places. In the course of the development of the plot "Secrets of the Dragon Seal" the character of Jason Fleming is waiting for incredible adventures, acquaintance with the princesses of the Celestial Empire, the Tsar and the masters of the School of martial arts.

In this tape, old Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rutger Hauer and Jackie Chan shook, playing small roles, and in the upcoming third part, the creators decided not to reduce the degree of interest of the viewer and offer him a meeting with another next star of world cinema.


  • Release date: 2020 year
  • A country: Russia-India-China
  • Genre:fantasy thriller

The Englishman Jonathan Green traveled around China for a long time, with the aim of exploring in detail these places, so little known to his homeland, and drawing up the corresponding maps. There he made friends with the locals very much, and they even offered him an honorary escort when the mission was over and it was time to return home.

However, the path was not long, a direct ship could not be found, and Mr. Green and his companions descended on solid land in India in order to find a passing ship for the East India Company. But, it wasn’t there ... The mysterious and frightening lands of this country are ready to put a lot of traps in its path to interfere with the fulfillment of its goals, to break the spirit of the brave traveler of his comrades ...

It is noteworthy that Jonathan was accompanied, in addition to the Chinese, by Russian Cossacks, whom he, as we recall in the second part, “picked up” on a trip to the Far East.

Camera crew and cast

The director of the picture was Oleg Stepchenko, one of the most famous and productive creators in the domestic field of filmmaking, who also shot "The Male Season. Velvet Revolution." And he wrote her script together with Roman Kartushin (Jeep) and Alexei Petrukhin (both Male Season, Teacher, Phoenix, To Be or Not to Be). By the way, the latter also produced "Wii 3: Travel to India."

They promise that Mel Gibson will play one of the key roles in this project - this is just the promised sensation. True, while this project is not in the online employment schedule of the next few years, there is no actor. Recall, Gibson is a world-famous movie star, twice awarded the Oscars for directing, known to the viewer on such wonderful films as “Braveheart”, “For reasons of conscience”, “Mad Max”, “Patriot”, “What Women Want”, “Payback ", the Deadly Weapons, Maverick, Air America, and many, many other franchises.

Jason Fleming will perform, as always, with Jason Fleming (“Cards, Money, Two Trunks,” “Big Jackpot,” “League of Outstanding Gentlemen,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Solomon Kane,” “Clash of the Titans,” The Iron Knight, etc.).

On the Indian side, there will be such Bollywood stars as Ranbir Kapoor, the grandson of Raj Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan - secretly considered the modern movie role of this country ("My name is Khan", "Karan and Arjun" and others), and from the Chinese - Sithun Yao, young Chinese actress, starring in many national widescreen tapes and series.

We are also promised a meeting with Andrei Merzlikin (Boris Godunov, Brest Fortress, Scream of Owls, Little One, etc.), Alexander Robak (Brother 2, Bigfoot, House on Lake, “Winner”, “In Cape Town Port”, “House Arrest”, etc.), Anna Churina (“Elder Sister”, “Signs of Love”, “Teacher”) and Igor Kistol (“Last Day of May”, “April Fool's Day” , "Ghost", "Conversation", "wedding in Bessarabia").

Movie Facts

  • The budget of the tape is tentatively estimated at $ 40 million.
  • The motto of the picture: "... on the verge of immortality."
  • At the time of the release of the picture, Mel Gibson will turn 64 years old.
  • For field shooting, they promise to travel to the real Indian jungle. The locations of China will also be used.
  • The creators announced plans to shoot the third part at about the same time as the announcement of “Secrets of the Dragon Press”.

It is interesting that the second part of the franchise in the Chinese box office was held in the category of "domestic film", largely thanks to the patronage of Jackie Chan. Indeed, in this country there are very strict quotas and requirements for foreign film production. Thanks to this, there is a chance that rental income will even exceed planned expectations. India also showed the picture, but it is not known what status the “native”, the third part will acquire on its territory.

At the moment, unfortunately, official trailers or teasers from the filmmakers have not yet been submitted.

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